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Stoke City - 2023 Player Wages

Stoke City have a total of 65 players in their home squad. Stoke City play in the Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

Stoke City total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £15,202,720 per year
  • £292,360 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Ben Pearson earning £28,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ben Pearson£28,000£1,456,00028DMEngland
Mark Travers£24,000£1,248,00024GKIreland
Mehdi Léris£20,000£1,040,00025AM RLAlgeria
Ki-Jana Hoever£20,000£1,040,00021D RCNetherlands
Luke McNally£15,000£780,00023D CIreland
Daniel Johnson£15,000£780,00030AM CJamaica
Lewis Baker£15,000£780,00028DM, AM CEngland
Sead Hakšabanović£12,000£624,00024AM LCMontenegro
Josh Laurent£10,000£520,00028DM, AM CEngland
Lynden Gooch£10,000£520,00027D/WB R, AM RCU.S.A.
Wesley Moraes£9,000£468,00026STBrazil
Enda Stevens£8,300£431,60032D/WB LIreland
Ryan Mmaee£8,000£416,00025STMorocco
Michael Rose£7,900£410,80027D RCScotland
Dwight Gayle£7,400£384,80033STEngland
Tyrese Campbell£6,600£343,20023AM R, STEngland
Ben Wilmot£6,500£338,00023D CEngland
Jordan Thompson£6,100£317,20026WB L, M LCN.Ireland
Wouter Burger£6,000£312,00022DMNetherlands
André Vidigal£5,500£286,00024AM RLPortugal
Ciaran Clark£5,400£280,80033D CIreland
D'Margio Wright-Phillips£5,400£280,80021AM RLEngland
Junior Tchamadeu£5,100£265,20019D/WB REngland
Liam McCarron£5,000£260,00022AM RLEngland
Frank Fielding£4,300£223,60035GKEngland
Jack Bonham£4,100£213,20029GKIreland
Luke Badley-Morgan£4,000£208,00019D LCJamaica
Edwin Andersson£3,300£171,60019WB/AM RLSweden
Bae Jun-Ho£2,500£130,00019WB RL, AM CSouth Korea
Blondy Noukeu£2,500£130,00021GKCameroon
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Nikola Jojić£1,900£98,80019AM RCSerbia
Ben Kershaw£1,500£78,00019D C, DMEngland
Kahrel Reddin£750£39,00019AM RLEngland
Emre Tezgel£710£36,92017STEngland
Tom Sparrow£710£36,92020D/WB R, DMWales
Jack Griffiths£510£26,52017AM CEngland
Nathan Lowe£370£19,24017STEngland
Ian Kamga£370£19,240D LEngland
Rakealan Jeffers£280£14,560AM R, STEngland
Tom Curl£260£13,520D REngland
Ali Hayder£220£11,440AM LEngland
Adam Watson£220£11,44017STNew Zealand
Sydney Agina£220£11,440D CEngland
Joshua Maskall£220£11,440AM REngland
Jackson Kelly£220£11,440AM RC, F CEngland
Ben Houston£220£11,440GKEngland
Jaden Mears£220£11,440D REngland
Zane Rattray£220£11,440M CEngland
Oli Challinor£220£11,44017AM REngland
Luke Enright£220£11,440STEngland
Sol Sidibé£60£3,12016M CEngland
Freddie Anderson£60£3,120D CEngland
Josh Bickerton£60£3,12017D LEngland
Gabriel Kelly£60£3,120DMIreland
Kobie Hines-Leacock£60£3,120AM LEngland
Jaden Dixon£60£3,120D RCEngland
Christy Grogan£60£3,12017D CEngland
William Smith£60£3,12017M CEngland
Jake Griffin£60£3,12017D CEngland
Dean Adekoya£60£3,120AM L, STEngland
Harry Crane£60£3,120AM RLEngland
Ruben Brammer£60£3,120GKEngland
Michael Zeitzen£60£3,120GKEngland
Lewis Walker£60£3,120DMEngland
Ian Togo£60£3,120D CEngland

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Who is Stoke City's highest earner?

Ben Pearson has the highest salary at Stoke City, earning £28,000 per week

What is Stoke City's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Stoke City total salary bill is £15,202,720 per year

What is Stoke City's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Stoke City total salary bill is £292,360 per week

What league do Stoke City's play in?

Stoke City play in the Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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