Coventry City 2023 - Player Wages

Coventry City have a total of 69 players in their home squad. Coventry City play in the The Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

Coventry City total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £8,778,120 per year
  • £168,810 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Haji Wright earning £23,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Haji Wright£23,000£1,196,00024AM RL, STU.S.A.
Jake Bidwell£10,000£520,00029D LCEngland
Kasey Palmer£10,000£520,00025AM RLCEngland
Callum O'Hare£8,400£436,80024AM RLC, F CEngland
Jonathan Panzo£8,100£421,20021D LCEngland
Jay Dasilva£8,100£421,20024D/WB/AM LEngland
Martyn Waghorn£7,900£410,80032AM RL, STEngland
Ellis Simms£7,300£379,60022CFEngland
Joel Latibeaudiere£6,100£317,20022D RCEngland
Luis Binks£6,000£312,00020D CEngland
Todd Kane£5,600£291,20028D/WB REngland
Fankaty Dabo£5,300£275,60026D/WB RLEngland
Gustavo Hamer£5,200£270,40025DMHolland
Ben Sheaf£4,500£234,00024D C, M CEngland
Jamie Allen£4,100£213,20027DMEngland
Liam Kelly£4,000£208,00032DMScotland
Matt Godden£3,900£202,80030STEngland
Simon Moore£3,600£187,20032GKEngland
Brooke Norton-Cuffy£3,600£187,20019RBEngland
Callum Doyle£3,400£176,80018D LCEngland
Kyle McFadzean£3,000£156,00035D CEngland
Ben Wilson£2,500£130,00029GKEngland
Fábio Tavares£2,300£119,60021AM RL, STPortugal
Josh Eccles£2,100£109,20022M CEngland
Josh Wilson-Esbrand£2,100£109,20020LBEngland
Marcel Hilßner£1,900£98,80027AM RLCGermany
Milan van Ewijk£1,900£98,80021D/WB/AM RHolland
Tatsuhiro Sakamoto£1,600£83,20025AM RCJapan
Dermi Lusala£1,400£72,80019D RCEngland
Tom Costello£610£31,72019STEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Aidan Finnegan£600£31,20019AM CEngland
Blaine Rowe£590£30,68020D REngland
Cian Tyler£580£30,16020GKWales
Jack Burroughs£560£29,12021D/WB RL, M CScotland
Ricardo Dinanga£530£27,56020AM RLC, F CDR Congo
Jay McGrath£510£26,52019D LCEngland
Alexander Fisher£500£26,00017GKAustralia
Abel Alabi£500£26,00018D CIreland
Bradley Stretton£440£22,88017AM LEngland
Tom Billson£410£21,32021GKEngland
Will Bapaga£400£20,80019AM LCEngland
Luke Bell£390£20,28018GKEngland
George Burroughs£340£17,68019D RCScotland
Marco Rus£330£17,16019AM RCRomania
Harrison Nee£330£17,16019AM/F CEngland
Ryan Howley£250£13,00018DMWales
Justin Obikwu£200£10,40018STEngland
Charlie Callaghan£180£9,36017GKEngland
Tristen Batanwi£180£9,36016D/WB REngland
Lewys McCafferty£180£9,36017DMEngland
Talon Shephard£180£9,36017D CEngland
Joe Wynne£180£9,36017D CEngland
Oliver Berry£180£9,36017M CEngland
Isaac Moore£180£9,36016STEngland
Charlie Manners£180£9,36017AM RL, STEngland
Evan Eghosa£180£9,36016STAustria
Rio Grant£180£9,36016D/WB REngland
Shay Young£180£9,36017D/WB/M LEngland
Jayden Smith£180£9,36016D CEngland
Rylie Siddall£180£9,36016M CEngland
Elliot Betjemann£180£9,36016AM CEngland
Aidan Dausch£180£9,36016AM LCEngland
Callum Perry£180£9,36016DMEngland
Kai Andrews£180£9,36016AM/F CEngland
Daniel Rachel£180£9,36016GKEngland
Byron Wilson£180£9,36016D LEngland
Fionn O'Brien£140£7,28018D LCEngland
Malakai Reeve£140£7,28018D CEngland
Sam Rodber£140£7,28018AM RL, STEngland

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Who is Coventry City's highest earner?

Haji Wright has the highest salary at Coventry City, earning £23,000 per week

What is Coventry City's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Coventry City total salary bill is £8,778,120 per year

What is Coventry City's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Coventry City total salary bill is £168,810 per week

What league do Coventry City's play in?

Coventry City play in the The Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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