Hebei CFFC 2020 - Player Wages

Hebei CFFC have a total of 90 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ezequiel Lavezzi earning £402,000 per week.

Hebei CFFC play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £48,324,120 per year
  • £929,310 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ezequiel Lavezzi£402,000£20,904,00034AM RLC, F CArgentina
Jiang Zhipeng£75,000£3,900,00030D/WB/M LChina
Zhang Chengdong£75,000£3,900,00030AM RLChina
Ren Hang£46,000£2,392,00030D LCChina
Yin Hongbo£44,000£2,288,00029AM RLCChina
Zhao Yuhao£42,000£2,184,00026D C, DMChina
Paulinho£31,000£1,612,00024AM RLCBrazil
Dong Xuesheng£18,000£936,00030STChina
Chi Wenyi£13,000£676,00031GKChina
Geng Xiaofeng£13,000£676,00031GKChina
Luo Senwen£12,000£624,00026DM, AM CChina
Wang Qiuming£9,000£468,00026AM CChina
Pan Ximing£7,800£405,60026D CChina
Jiang Wenjun£7,100£369,20029D LChina
Samir Memisevic£6,600£343,20025D C, DMBosnia & Herzegovina
Feng Gang£6,300£327,60026AM LCChina
Jin Yangyang£6,100£317,20026D CChina
Yang Cheng£6,000£312,00033GKChina
Andy Russell£5,500£286,00031D C, DMHong Kong
Xu Tianyuan£5,400£280,80022AM LChina
Gao Huaze£4,200£218,40021AM RL, STChina
Hu Rentian£4,200£218,40028AM RChina
Liu Jing£4,000£208,00022D RLChina
Bao Yaxiong£3,500£182,00022GKChina
Cui Lin£3,400£176,80021D/WB LChina
Zhang Lifeng£3,000£156,00030AM RLChina
Zhang Wei£3,000£156,00019STChina
Ren Wei£2,700£140,40022D C, STChina
Chen Ao£2,400£124,80018DMChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Chen Tang£2,400£124,80023AM RLChina
Luo Shipeng£2,000£104,00019STChina
Ma Bokang£1,900£98,80020D L, M RLChina
Chen Yunhua£1,400£72,80019D C, DMChina
Wei Changsheng£1,400£72,80020D LChina
Yao Xuchen£1,300£67,60019AM RLChina
Feng Siqi£1,030£53,56020DMChina
Li Haoran£1,000£52,00026AM RChina
Liao Wei£1,000£52,00020AM/F CChina
Luan Haodong£1,000£52,00021D CChina
Zhang Haitao£1,000£52,00019D R, DM, M RCChina
Zhang Hui£1,000£52,00018AM CChina
Zhang Junzhe£1,000£52,00028D RCChina
Zhang Yu£1,000£52,00016D C, STChina
Kang Mingjie£910£47,32020D C, DMChina
Li Taoyang£900£46,80022GKChina
Wang Wenhao£790£41,08021D/M RChina
Maidanjan£740£38,48020D/M RChina
Jin Xing£710£36,92022DMChina
Wang Hongzhi£710£36,92020D CChina
Wu Guodong£710£36,92024D/WB RLChina
Li Yiying£690£35,88019D RChina
Pang Jiajun£510£26,52019GKChina
Piao Lei£510£26,52022AM RL, STChina
Gao Yunpeng£400£20,80019DMChina
Tian Xiangyu£400£20,80018AM RChina
Li Junhui£350£18,20018STChina
Yang Chenyu£300£15,60020D/WB RChina
Li Shuaihu£290£15,08020D L, M RLChina
Xu Wenlong£290£15,08019DM, M LChina
Yang Shaochen£290£15,08019D C, DMChina
Liang Guoqiao£160£8,32018D RCChina
Song Xintao£160£8,32017DMChina
Tan Haotian£160£8,32018DM, AM CChina
Yang Song£160£8,32021D CChina
Zheng Haokun£160£8,32017D C, DMChina
Yang Yixuan£150£7,80018D LC, DMChina
Bi Haoyang£140£7,28017D/WB LChina
Chen Shaohong£130£6,76018GKChina
Chen Haohao£120£6,24017DMChina
Chen Lei£120£6,24018D CChina
Lu Li£110£5,72022GKChina
Zhang Yulong£110£5,72018D CChina
Du Borui£100£5,20016GKChina
Gao Lianduo£100£5,20017AM LChina
He Zijian£100£5,20017GKChina
Liu Mengyu£100£5,20017M RChina
Liu Runnan£100£5,20017STChina
Liu Tingpeng£100£5,20018AM CChina
Liu Xingyu£100£5,20017D LChina
Shen Guowei£100£5,20017AM LChina
Sun Hongwei£100£5,20017D CChina
Tang Jixing£100£5,20017AM RLChina
Xia Boyang£100£5,20018M LChina
Xie Jie£100£5,20018AM LChina
Chen Junnan£60£3,12015DMChina
Li Haozhou£60£3,12016D LChina
Li Peinan£60£3,12018D CChina
Tian Jiarui£60£3,12016STChina
Yu Jianxian£60£3,12017GKChina

Who is Hebei CFFC's highest earner?

Ezequiel Lavezzi has the highest salary at Hebei CFFC, earning £402,000 per week

What is Hebei CFFC's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Hebei CFFC total salary bill is £48,324,120 per year

What is Hebei CFFC's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Hebei CFFC total salary bill is £929,310 per week

What league do Hebei CFFC's play in?

Hebei CFFC play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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