Tianhai 2020 - Player Wages

Tianhai have a total of 40 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Sun Ke earning £80,000 per week.

Tianhai play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £11,488,360 per year
  • £220,930 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Sun Ke£80,000£4,160,00029AM RCChina
Leonardo£28,000£1,456,00032AM RLBrazil
Yang Xu£28,000£1,456,00031STChina
Zhang Lu£19,000£988,00031GKChina
Song Joo-Hoon£16,000£832,00025D CSouth Korea
Zhang Cheng£11,000£572,00030D RLChina
Liu Yue£8,000£416,00021AM RLChina
Mi Haolun£6,900£358,80026D/WB/M LChina
Wang Jie£5,400£280,80030D C, DMChina
Zhang Yuan£3,000£156,00022AM CChina
Chu Jinzhao£2,400£124,80026D RChina
Wang Xiaolong£2,400£124,80033AM RLCChina
Xu Dongshu£2,400£124,80021D CChina
Wen Junjie£1,400£72,80022D C, DMChina
Yan Zihao£1,300£67,60024D/WB LChina
Liu Yi£810£42,12022M CChina
Qian Yumiao£690£35,88021D RChina
Song Boxuan£600£31,20029AM RLChina
Sun Xuelong£600£31,20020AM CChina
Sun Qibin£540£28,08027GKChina
Xu Enze£400£20,80021GKChina
Cui Jiaqi£150£7,80020DM, M RChina
Ma Zhen£150£7,80021GKChina
Ning Zhiwei£150£7,80018STChina
Liu Junjie£120£6,24019M RChina
Zulpikar£120£6,24021D/WB RChina
Chen Xin£100£5,20020M LChina
Dai Chunlei£100£5,20022AM CChina
Guan Fuxu£100£5,20019STChina
Guo Hao£100£5,20018STChina
He Youzu£100£5,20020STChina
Li Chunsheng£100£5,20020DMChina
Li Minghao£100£5,20022D CChina
Li Yu£100£5,20019D/WB LChina
Liu Zhenhong£100£5,20020M CChina
Wang Feng£100£5,20020STChina
Yang Chenyu£100£5,20018AM CChina
Yang Junshan£100£5,20022STChina
Yang Zihui£100£5,20020D/WB RChina
Zheng Haonan£100£5,20020GKChina

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