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Henan - 2023 Player Wages

Henan have a total of 57 players in their home squad. Henan play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

Henan total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £4,524,520 per year
  • £87,010 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Fernando Karanga earning £17,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fernando Karanga£17,000£884,00032STBrazil
Toni Sunjic£15,000£780,00034D CBosnia & Herzegovina
Đorđe Denić£5,000£260,00027AM CSerbia
Nemanja Čović£4,900£254,80032AM/F CSerbia
Huang Zichang£4,200£218,40026AM RLC, F CChina
Zhong Yihao£4,000£208,00027AM RL, STChina
Wang Shangyuan£3,400£176,80030AM RLC, F CChina
Adrian Mierzejewski£2,500£130,00036AM LCPoland
Dilmurat£2,400£124,80025D/WB/AM RLChina
Yang Shuai£2,300£119,60026D CChina
Gu Cao£2,200£114,40035D CChina
Gao Tianyu£2,200£114,40022AM RC, F CChina
Li Songyi£2,000£104,00030D RC, DMChina
Zhao Yuhao£2,000£104,00030D C, DMChina
Luo Xin£2,000£104,00033D CChina
Wang Guoming£1,400£72,80033GKChina
Feng Boyuan£1,300£67,60028STChina
Han Dong£1,200£62,40022AM/F CChina
Ke Zhao£990£51,48034D/WB LChina
Niu Ziyi£900£46,80023D/WB RL, M RChina
Peng Peng£690£35,88022GKChina
Liu Yixin£340£17,68022D/WB RChina
Li Tenglong£290£15,08022AM CChina
Liu Zongyuan£250£13,00020D CChina
Chen Keqiang£200£10,40023AM RCChina
Sun Longxiang£200£10,40023D RC, DMChina
Zhao Zhenghao£200£10,40019WB LChina
Lu Fan£200£10,40020AM RChina
Liu Kunyang£200£10,40019D CChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Wang Ruixiang£200£10,40019D RChina
Ma Zhenyang£200£10,40019AM RLChina
Wang Haoran£190£9,88022AM RChina
Liu Jiahui£190£9,88022D C, DMChina
Song Runtong£190£9,88021STChina
Du Zhixuan£190£9,88021D CChina
Yang Minjie£190£9,88020D RCChina
Shi Chenglong£190£9,88024GKChina
Zheng Junwei£190£9,88019STChina
Fu Huanchen£190£9,88022DM, AM CChina
Hua Mingcan£190£9,88020DMChina
Hu Binghan£190£9,88022GKChina
Lu Zhiyuan£190£9,88019D C, DM, STChina
Xu Boyu£190£9,88019STChina
Li Mengzhan£190£9,88018D RChina
Liu Letian£190£9,88018WB LChina
Wang Boyang£190£9,88018STChina
Ruan Yuanhong£190£9,88019AM RLChina
Liu Kunyang£190£9,88019D/WB R, AM RLChina
Zhang Zhen£190£9,88019GKChina
Li Shuangyang£190£9,88019AM RLChina
Tang Xu£190£9,88020AM R, STChina
Yu Hangfei£190£9,88017D CChina
Yu-Kong Xin£190£9,88020DMChina
Liu Xitong£190£9,88020D RChina
Liu Tianyang£190£9,88020D RChina
Huang Jiaran£190£9,88020STChina

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Who is Henan's highest earner?

Fernando Karanga has the highest salary at Henan, earning £17,000 per week

What is Henan's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Henan total salary bill is £4,524,520 per year

What is Henan's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Henan total salary bill is £87,010 per week

What league do Henan's play in?

Henan play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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