Cittadella 2023 Transfers

Cittadella transfer spending for 2022/23 is:
  • £264,000 of player purchases
  • £352,000 of player sales

Cittadella net transfer balance for 2022/23 season is £88,000

See Cittadella salaries here.

2022/23: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £264,000

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Andrea Magrassi£264,000Virtus EntellaSerie C - BCF29Italy
Gian Filippo FelicioliFree transferVenezia FCSerie BDL24Italy
Carlos EmbaloFree transferKAS EupenJupiler Pro LeagueLW27Guinea-Bissau
Raúl AsencioFree transferUS LecceSerie ACF24Spain
Giuseppe CarrieroFree transferUS Avellino 1912Serie C - CMC24Italy
Alessandro SalviFree transferAscoli CalcioSerie BDR34Italy
Tommy MaistrelloUnknownAC RenateSerie C - ACF29Italy
Giuseppe Ambrosinoloan transferSSC NapoliSerie ACF19Italy
Giovanni Crociataloan transferFC EmpoliSerie AMC25Italy
Federico Giraudoloan transferReggina 1914Serie BDL24Italy
Luigi CupponeLoanPotenza CalcioSerie C - CCF24Italy
Camillo TavernelliLoanNovara FCSerie C - ALW23Italy
Gianluca BassanoLoanAquila Montevarchi 1902Serie C - BDL23Italy
Gabriele PlecheroLoanLuparense FCSerie D - CGK19Italy

2022/23: Transfer Departures

Total: £352,000

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Tommaso Cassandro£352,000US LecceSerie ADR23Italy
Gabriele PlecheroFree transferFranciacorta FCSerie D - BGK19Italy
Amedeo BenedettiUnknownPordenone CalcioSerie C - ADL30Italy
Giacomo BerettaUnknownCalcio Foggia 1920Serie C - CCF30Italy
Davide MazzoccoUnknownUS Avellino 1912Serie C - CMC27Italy
Luigi Cupponeloan transferDelfino Pescara 1936Serie C - CCF24Italy
Mamadou Tounkaraloan transferUS Avellino 1912Serie C - CCF27Senegal
Camillo Tavernelliloan transferNovara FCSerie C - ALW23Italy
Camillo Tavernelliloan transferUS TriestinaSerie C - ALW23Italy
Simone Icardiloan transferFeralpisalòSerie C - AMC25Italy
Gianluca BassanoFree transferNo teamNo teamDL23Italy
Nikolas SmajlajFree transferNo teamNo teamDC19Albania
Orji OkwonkwoLoanBologna FC 1909Serie ARW24Nigeria
Karim LaribiLoanReggina 1914Serie BMC31Tunisia

2021/22: Transfer Ins

Total: £528,000

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Mamadou Tounkara£264,000US Viterbese 1908Serie C - BCF25Senegal
Mirko Antonucci£264,000AS RomaSerie ARW22Italy
Ignacio Lores VarelaFree transferACR Siena 1904Serie C - BRW30Uruguay
Luigi CupponeFree transferCasertana FCSerie D - HCF23Italy
Davide MazzoccoFree transferSPALSerie BMC25Italy
Simone IcardiFree transferCasertana FCSerie D - HMC24Italy
Alessandro MattioliFree transferModena FCSerie C - BDR23Italy
Vincenzo CirielloFree transferCasertana FCSerie D - HDC18Italy
Dario Del FabroUnknownJuventus Next GenSerie C - ADC26Italy
Andrea DanziUnknownHellas VeronaSerie ADM22Italy
Santiago VisentinUnknownFC CrotoneSerie BDC22Argentina
Orji Okwonkwoloan transferBologna FC 1909Serie ARW23Nigeria
Karim Laribiloan transferReggina 1914Serie BMC30Tunisia
Nikolas SmajlajFree transferCittadella PrimaveraPrimavera 2 - ADC18Albania
Filippo ManfrinFree transferCittadella PrimaveraPrimavera 2 - AGK17Italy
Alberto PaleariLoanGenoa CFCSerie AGK28Italy
Michael De MarchiLoanVirtusvecomp VeronaSerie C - BCF26Italy
Paolo GrilloLoanUS CatanzaroSerie C - CRW24Italy
Gianluca BassanoLoanAS Bisceglie 1913Serie C - CDL22Italy
Gabriele PlecheroLoanUnion San Giorgio SedicoSerie D - CGK18Italy

2021/22: Transfer Outs

Total: £3,784,000

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Alberto Paleari£1,760,000Genoa CFCSerie AGK28Italy
Federico Proia£880,000LR VicenzaSerie BMC25Italy
Davide Adorni£616,000Brescia CalcioSerie BDC29Italy
Mario Gargiulo£264,000US LecceSerie BMC25Italy
Roberto Ogunseye£264,000Modena FCSerie C - BCF26Italy
Luca GhiringhelliFree transferTernana CalcioSerie BDR29Italy
Marco RosafioFree transferAC Reggiana 1919Serie C - BRW27Italy
Agostino CamiglianoFree transferAC Reggiana 1919Serie C - BDC26Italy
Michael De MarchiFree transferDelfino Pescara 1936Serie C - BCF26Italy
Paolo GrilloFree transferUS ViboneseSerie C - CRW24Italy
Christian D'UrsoUnknownAC Perugia CalcioSerie BAM24Italy
Luigi Cupponeloan transferPotenza CalcioSerie C - CCF24Italy
Gianluca Bassanoloan transferAquila Montevarchi 1902Serie C - BDL22Italy
Gabriele Plecheroloan transferLuparense FCSerie D - CGK18Italy
Manuel IoriFree transferNo teamNo teamDM39Italy
Frank TsadjoutLoanAC MilanSerie ACF21Italy

2020/21: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £528,000

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Elhan KastratiFree transferFC Trapani 1905No teamGK23Albania
Tommaso CassandroFree transferBologna FC 1909Serie ADR20Italy
Enrico BaldiniFree transferAlma Juventus Fano 1906Serie C - BCF24Italy
Paolo GrilloFree transferSicula LeonzioNo teamRW23Italy
Camillo TavernelliFree transferAS Gubbio 1910Serie C - BLW21Italy
Gianluca BassanoFree transferAC PratoSerie D - DDL21Italy
Karamoko CisséUnknownHellas VeronaSerie ACF31Guinea
Daniele DonnarummaUnknownSS Monopoli 1966Serie C - CDL28Italy
Theophilus Awualoan transferSpezia CalcioSerie AMC22Nigeria
Frank Tsadjoutloan transferAC MilanSerie ACF21Italy
Giacomo BerettaFree transferCalcio PadovaSerie C - BCF28Italy
Valerio MastrantonioFree transferFrosinone CalcioSerie BMC21Italy
Roberto OgunseyeLoanOlbia Calcio 1905Serie C - ACF25Italy
Luca ManieroLoanImolese Calcio 1919Serie C - BML21Italy

2020/21: Transfer Departures

Total: £3,784,000

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Davide Diaw£1,760,000Pordenone CalcioSerie BCF28Italy
Giuseppe PanicoFree transferNovara FCSerie C - ACF23Italy
Francesco StancoFree transferImolese Calcio 1919Serie C - BCF33Italy
Alberto RizzoFree transferSS Juve StabiaSerie C - CDL23Italy
Luca ManieroFree transferUS Adriese 1906Serie D - CML22Italy
Alberto Paleariloan transferGenoa CFCSerie AGK28Italy
Michael De Marchiloan transferVirtusvecomp VeronaSerie C - BCF26Italy
Paolo Grilloloan transferUS CatanzaroSerie C - CRW23Italy
Gabriele Plecheroloan transferUnion San Giorgio SedicoSerie D - CGK18Italy
Gianluca Bassanoloan transferAS Bisceglie 1913Serie C - CDL22Italy
Davide LuppiFree transferNo teamNo teamCF30Italy
Karamoko CisséFree transferCalcio PadovaSerie C - BCF32Guinea
Andrea BussagliaFree transferNo teamNo teamMC23Italy
Theophilus AwuaLoanSpezia CalcioSerie AMC22Nigeria
Christian MoraLoanAtalanta BCSerie ADR22Italy
Christian VentolaLoanDelfino Pescara 1936Serie BMR23Italy

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