Cittadella 2021 - Player Wages

Cittadella have a total of 57 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Frank Tsadjout earning £13,000 per week.

Cittadella play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £4,848,324 per year
  • £93,237 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Frank Tsadjout£13,000£676,00020ST (C)Italy
Christian D'Urso£5,400£280,80023DM, M (C)Italy
Domenico Frare£5,400£280,80024D (C)Italy
Federico Proia£5,300£275,60024M (C)Italy
Luca Maniero£5,000£260,00025GKItaly
Luca Ghiringhelli£5,000£260,00028D/WB (R)Italy
Mario Gargiulo£4,900£254,80024DM, M (C)Italy
Nicola Pavan£4,900£254,80027DM, M (C)Italy
Marco Rosafio£4,900£254,80026AM (RLC)Italy
Romano Perticone£4,700£244,40033D (RC)Italy
Roberto Ogunseye£4,700£244,40025ST (C)Italy
Simone Branca£4,600£239,20028DM, M (C)Italy
Agostino Camigliano£3,500£182,00026D (C)Italy
Camillo Tavernelli£3,400£176,80021AM (L), ST (C)Italy
Elhan Kastrati£3,300£171,60023GKAlbania
Tommaso Cassandro£1,600£83,20020D (R)Italy
Enrico Baldini£1,300£67,60023AM (RL), ST (C)Italy
Giacomo Beretta£1,200£62,40028ST (C)Italy
Alessio Vita£975£50,70027M/AM (RLC)Italy
Davide Adorni£909£47,26827D (C)Italy
Manuel Iori£855£44,46038DM, M (C)Italy
Amedeo Benedetti£800£41,60028D/WB (L)Italy
Daniele Donnarumma£647£33,64428WB/M/AM (L)Italy
Luca Maniero£428£22,25622M (C)Italy
Valerio Mastrantonio£265£13,78021M (C)Italy
Nicolas Guizzini£201£10,45216AM (RL), ST (C)Italy
Antony Gabriel Petre£201£10,45217GKItaly
Serigne Saliou Thioune£201£10,45217AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Giovanni Franzolin£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Rachad Sessi£201£10,45216M (C)Tunisia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Federico Adjetey Adjej£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Simone Talamonti£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Francesco Donà£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Marco Andrea Pan£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Francesco Mamprin£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Nicola Sanzovo£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Christopher Borgo£201£10,45218AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Nicholas Saggionetto£201£10,45217DM, M (C)Italy
Pier Francesco Fabris£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Andrea Feltrin£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Mattia Penzo£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Nikolas Smajlaj£201£10,45218D (C)Albania
Andrea Zambon£201£10,45218D (C)Italy
Auron Vranovci£201£10,45217M (LC), AM (C)Italy
Filippo Pierobon£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Alberto Reato£201£10,45216AM (RL), ST (C)Italy
Corrado Sguotti£201£10,45217AM (R), ST (C)Italy
Filippo Ercolani£201£10,45217AM (R)Italy
Matteo Pontin£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Samuel Schivazappa£201£10,45216AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Giacomo Gusso£201£10,45216D (RC)Italy
Cosmin Oprean£201£10,45216D (R)Romania
Giovanni Mason£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Davide Momentè£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Jacopo Burattin£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Filippo Giacomazzo£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Great Nwachukwu£27£1,40418ST (C)Nigeria

Who is Cittadella's highest earner?

Frank Tsadjout has the highest salary at Cittadella, earning £13,000 per week

What is Cittadella's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Cittadella total salary bill is £4,848,324 per year

What is Cittadella's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Cittadella total salary bill is £93,237 per week

What league do Cittadella's play in?

Cittadella play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

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