Cremonese 2021 - Player Wages

Cremonese have a total of 56 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Lorenzo Colombo earning £10,000 per week.

Cremonese play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £6,618,612 per year
  • £127,281 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lorenzo Colombo£10,000£520,00018ST (C)Italy
Alessandro Crescenzi£7,500£390,00028D/WB (RL)Italy
Enrico Alfonso£7,300£379,60032GKItaly
Gianluca Gaetano£7,200£374,40020M/AM (RLC)Italy
Luca Ravanelli£7,000£364,00023D (C)Italy
Paolo Bartolomei£6,800£353,60030DM, M (C)Italy
Jaime Báez£5,100£265,20025AM (RL), ST (C)Uruguay
Luca Valzania£5,000£260,00024DM, M (C)Italy
Žan Celar£5,000£260,00021ST (C)Slovenia
Luca Strizzolo£5,000£260,00028ST (C)Italy
Matteo Bianchetti£4,900£254,80027D (RC)Italy
Michele Fornasier£4,900£254,80026D (C)Italy
Nadir Zortea£4,900£254,80021D/WB/M (R)Italy
Marco Pinato£4,900£254,80025M (C)Italy
Samuel Gustafson£4,600£239,20025DM, M/AM (C)Sweden
Alessandro Fiordaliso£3,500£182,00021D (RC), WB (R)Italy
Daniel Ciofani£3,400£176,80034ST (C)Italy
Filippo Nardi£3,300£171,60022DM, M (C)Italy
Fabio Ceravolo£3,300£171,60033ST (C)Italy
Giacomo Volpe£3,200£166,40024GKItaly
Marco Carnesecchi£2,900£150,80020GKItaly
Michele Castagnetti£2,900£150,80030DM, M (C)Italy
Cristian Buonaiuto£2,400£124,80027AM (RLC)Italy
Emanuele Terranova£2,300£119,60033D (C)Italy
Luca Coccolo£2,000£104,00022D (LC)Italy
Andrea Zaccagno£975£50,70023GKItaly
Francesco Deli£925£48,10026M/AM (C)Italy
Emanuele Valeri£515£26,78021D/WB/M (L)Italy
Lorenzo Previtali£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Samuele Regazzetti£201£10,45216D (RLC)Italy
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Edoardo Rocchetta£201£10,45217M/AM (LC)Italy
Gianmarco Rizzi£201£10,45218DM, M (C)Italy
Luca Schirone£201£10,45217M/AM (RC)Italy
Mattia Guarneri£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Giovanni Valtulini£201£10,45218M (RC)Italy
Leonardo Bia£201£10,45218D/WB (R)Italy
Ousmane Niang£201£10,45217M/AM (C)Italy
Christian Acella£201£10,45218M (C)Italy
Dario Grechi£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Mattia Scaringi£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Alessandro Battini£201£10,45218D/WB (L)Italy
Alessandro Agazzi£201£10,45217D (LC)Italy
Andrea Arpini£201£10,45217D/WB/M (R)Italy
Gian Piero Lauciello£201£10,45217M (RC), AM (R)Italy
Luca Roncalli£201£10,45217AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Matteo Ghisolfi£201£10,45218M/AM (C)Italy
Gabriele Pizzoni£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Davide Peschieri£201£10,45216GKItaly
Alberto Basso Ricci£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Federico Berto£201£10,45216M (RC)Italy
Lorenzo Bernasconi£201£10,45216D/WB (L)Italy
Francesco Davide Rancati£201£10,45218ST (C)Italy
Andrea Quarena£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Matteo Scarduzio£201£10,45218GKItaly
Emanuele De Bono£201£10,45218GKItaly
Leonardo Ballarini£139£7,22817D (C)Italy

Who is Cremonese's highest earner?

Lorenzo Colombo has the highest salary at Cremonese, earning £10,000 per week

What is Cremonese's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Cremonese total salary bill is £6,618,612 per year

What is Cremonese's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Cremonese total salary bill is £127,281 per week

What league do Cremonese's play in?

Cremonese play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

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