Reggina 1914 2023 - Player Wages

Reggina 1914 have a total of 68 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Hernâni earning £29,000 per week.

Reggina 1914 play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £11,783,720 per year
  • £226,610 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Joel Obi£21,000£1,092,00031DMNigeria
Andrey Galabinov£20,000£1,040,00033STBulgaria
Federico Ricci£17,000£884,00028AM RLC, F CItaly
Žan Majer£13,000£676,00029AM LCSlovenia
Riccardo Gagliolo£12,000£624,00032D LCSweden
Jérémy Ménez£12,000£624,00035AM RLC, F CFrance
Emanuele Cicerelli£9,300£483,60027WB L, AM RLItaly
Federico Santander£8,300£431,60031STParaguay
Luigi Canotto£8,000£416,00028AM RItaly
Michele Camporese£7,900£410,80030D CItaly
Rigoberto Rivas£7,700£400,40023AM RLC, F CHonduras
Thiago Cionek£7,600£395,20036D CPoland
Gabriele Gori£7,200£374,40023STItaly
Lorenzo Crisetig£7,000£364,00029DMItaly
Simone Colombi£5,600£291,20031GKItaly
Daniele Liotti£5,400£280,80028D/WB/AM LItaly
Gianluca Di Chiara£4,200£218,40028D/WB/M LItaly
Giovanni Fabbian£4,200£218,40019DMItaly
Federico Giraudo£3,300£171,60023D/WB/M LItaly
Niccolò Pierozzi£2,900£150,80020D/WB RL, AM RLItaly
Alessandro Lombardi£1,500£78,00022AM CItaly
Devid Bouah£1,400£72,80020D/WB/M RItaly
Eduard Duţu£1,300£67,60021D CRomania
Federico Ravaglia£830£43,16022GKItaly
Giuseppe Loiacono£590£30,68030D CItaly
Vittorio Agostinelli£480£24,96020AM CItaly
Tommaso Aglietti£310£16,12022GKItaly
Valerio Farcomeni£190£9,88016DM, AM CItaly
Emanuele Foti£190£9,88018D/WB RLItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Matteo Antoci£190£9,88016AM RL, STItaly
Luigi Sciammarella£190£9,88016GKItaly
Manuel Attici£190£9,88017STItaly
Giuseppe Monteleone£190£9,88017AM RItaly
Federico Polimeni£190£9,88017DMItaly
Emanuele Zucco£190£9,88018AM RCItaly
Antonio Palumbo£190£9,88016AM RL, STItaly
Marcel Perri£190£9,88017AM CItaly
Emanuele Serra£190£9,88017DMItaly
Santi Russo£190£9,88018AM L, STItaly
Sebastiano Magrì£190£9,88017D CItaly
Domenico Passarelli£190£9,88018AM R, STItaly
Mario Paura£190£9,88016D CItaly
Riccardo Malara£190£9,88017AM LItaly
Gianmarco Summa£190£9,88016GKItaly
Giuseppe Costantino£190£9,88017AM RLItaly
Francesco Maietta£190£9,88017D/WB RItaly
Paolo Maressa£190£9,88017D/WB/M RItaly
Joele Guglielmo£190£9,88018AM RLC, F CItaly
Filippo Samuele Latella£190£9,88017D/WB RItaly
Davide Cannistrà£190£9,88017STItaly
Emanuele Lofaro£190£9,88017M CItaly
Giuseppe Filippelli£190£9,88017GKItaly
Francesco Curulla£190£9,88016D CItaly
Moussa Seck£190£9,88016STItaly
Marcello Romeo£190£9,88016D CItaly
Antonio Saba£190£9,88017D/WB LItaly
Andrea Pagni£190£9,88015STItaly
Leonardo Cracchiolo£190£9,88016AM RLCItaly
Stefano Briganti£190£9,88016M CItaly
Elio Perrotta£190£9,88017DMItaly
Stefano Bombaci£190£9,88016D/WB LItaly
Valerio Cuscinà£190£9,88015STItaly
Maksym Kovryaga£190£9,88016DMUkraine
Eduardo La Fauci£190£9,88016DMItaly
Tommaso Zampaglione£190£9,88016GKItaly
Marco Cecere£190£9,88016STItaly
Marc Masaguez£190£9,88016D CSpain

Who is Reggina 1914's highest earner?

Hernâni has the highest salary at Reggina 1914, earning £29,000 per week

What is Reggina 1914's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Reggina 1914 total salary bill is £11,783,720 per year

What is Reggina 1914's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Reggina 1914 total salary bill is £226,610 per week

What league do Reggina 1914's play in?

Reggina 1914 play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

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