Reggiana 2021 - Player Wages

Reggiana have a total of 78 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Luca Siligardi earning £15,000 per week.

Reggiana play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,371,444 per year
  • £103,297 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Luca Siligardi£15,000£780,00032AM (RL)Italy
Lorenzo Del Pinto£7,000£364,00030DM, M (C)Italy
Simone Mazzocchi£6,600£343,20021AM (R), ST (C)Italy
Arlind Ajeti£5,500£286,00026D (C)Albania
Fausto Rossi£5,300£275,60029DM, M/AM (C)Italy
Ivan Varone£5,100£265,20027DM, M (RLC)Italy
Karim Laribi£5,000£260,00029M/AM (LC)Tunisia
Augustus Kargbo£4,500£234,00020AM (L), ST (C)Sierra Leone
Michele Cerofolini£3,900£202,80021GKItaly
Paolo Rozzio£3,800£197,60028D (C)Italy
Giuseppe Zampano£3,200£166,40026D/WB/M (R)Italy
Igor Radrezza£3,100£161,20027M/AM (C)Italy
Matteo Ardemagni£2,900£150,80033ST (C)Italy
Marcos Espeche£2,900£150,80035D (LC)Argentina
Andrea Costa£2,500£130,00034D (LC)Italy
Eloge Yao£2,300£119,60024D (RC)Ivory Coast
Lorenzo Libutti£2,000£104,00022D/WB (R)Italy
Luca Zamparo£2,000£104,00025ST (C)Italy
Riccardo Martinelli£1,700£88,40029D (C)Italy
Simone Muratore£1,600£83,20022D (C), DM, M (C)Italy
Salvatore Pezzella£1,600£83,20020DM, M (C)Italy
Nicolò Cambiaghi£967£50,28419M (L), AM (LC)Italy
Bright Gyamfi£965£50,18024D (RC), WB (R)Ghana
Matteo Voltolini£931£48,41223GKItaly
Niko Kirwan£773£40,19624D/WB (R), M (RLC)New Zealand
Giacomo Venturi£739£38,42828GKItaly
Gabriel Lunetta£600£31,20023D/WB (L), AM (LC), ST (C)Italy
Blerind Morina£546£28,39219M (C)Albania
Luca Formisano£281£14,61219M (C)Italy
Cristiano Lorenzani£281£14,61219M/AM (L)Italy
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alessandro Strozzi£233£12,11616D/WB (L)Italy
Stefano Crivellaro£233£12,11618D (R)Italy
Luca Baccarini£233£12,11616D/WB (R), M (RC)Italy
Qenan Bukova£233£12,11617GKAlbania
Filippo Bertolotti£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Demian Popovici£201£10,45218D (C)Romania
Filippo Orsi£201£10,45215D (C)Italy
Gabriele Lampo£201£10,45215D (C)Italy
Federico Fiorentini£201£10,45218D (C)Italy
Mirko Bertolino£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Denis Caniparoli£201£10,45218ST (C)Italy
Mattia Numeroso£201£10,45218DM, M (C)Italy
Emanuele Galli£201£10,45218DM, M (C)Italy
Francesco Scafetta£201£10,45217DM, M (C)Italy
Lorenzo D'Alessio£201£10,45218D/WB (L)Italy
Matteo Rimondi£201£10,45217D/WB (L)Italy
Luigi Poerio£201£10,45216M/AM (C)Italy
Federico Gai£201£10,45217D/WB (L)Italy
Antonio Rota£201£10,45218DM, M (C)Italy
Matteo Amaducci£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Davide Tucci£201£10,45216GKItaly
Devis Koni£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Matteo Mora£201£10,45218GKItaly
Federico Mori£201£10,45218M (C)Italy
Andrea Galeazzi£201£10,45217GKItaly
Mattia Bernini£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Andrea Galeotti£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Alessandro Cavaliere£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Federico Rotella£201£10,45218DM, M (LC)Italy
Samuele Mastropietro£201£10,45218AM (RLC)Italy
Samuele Neri£201£10,45216GKItaly
Gabriele Illari£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Ottavio Garau£201£10,45217AM (L), ST (C)Italy
Nicola Cautiero£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Giovanni Bratomi£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Tommaso Foderaro£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Stefano Amadei£201£10,45216AM (RL), ST (C)Italy
Tommaso Fermi£201£10,45215M (C)Italy
Felix Donkor£201£10,45217ST (C)Nigeria
Mohamed Laamane£201£10,45216M (RLC)Morocco
Nicholas De Luca£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Christian Cassano£201£10,45218ST (C)Italy
Giuseppe Iaquinta£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Samuel Campaniello£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Alessio Landini£201£10,45217ST (C)Italy
Tommaso Fiorini£201£10,45216D (C)Italy
Angelo Vetro£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Filippo Lambertini£139£7,22817D (C)Italy

Who is Reggiana's highest earner?

Luca Siligardi has the highest salary at Reggiana, earning £15,000 per week

What is Reggiana's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Reggiana total salary bill is £5,371,444 per year

What is Reggiana's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Reggiana total salary bill is £103,297 per week

What league do Reggiana's play in?

Reggiana play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

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