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Amiens - 2023 Player Wages

Amiens have a total of 66 players in their home squad. Amiens play in the Ligue 2, the second division of football in France.

Amiens total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £4,636,320 per year
  • £89,160 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Amadou Ciss earning £7,500 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Amadou Ciss£7,500£390,00024AM LC, F CSenegal
Gaël Kakuta£7,200£374,40032AM RLC, F CDR Congo
Nicholas Opoku£5,900£306,80025D CGhana
Sébastien Corchia£5,600£291,20032D/WB RFrance
Antoine Leautey£5,500£286,00027WB R, AM RLFrance
Jérémy Gélin£5,100£265,20026D C, DMFrance
Mamadou Fofana£4,900£254,80025D C, DMMali
Régis Gurtner£4,700£244,40036GKFrance
Andy Carroll£4,500£234,00034STEngland
Louis Mafouta£4,000£208,00029STCentral African Rep.
Kylian Kaïboue£3,000£156,00024D LC, DMFrance
Abdoul Tapsoba£2,500£130,00021AM L, STBurkina Faso
Frank Boya£2,300£119,60027D C, DMCameroon
Kassoum Ouattara£2,000£104,00018D/WB LFrance
Maxime Do Couto£1,900£98,80026AM RLCFrance
Mamadou Fofana£1,900£98,80022M CFrance
Osaze Urhoghide£1,800£93,60022D CEngland
Owen Géné£1,800£93,60020D/WB R, DMFrance
Sebastian Ring£1,600£83,20028D/WB LSweden
Alexis Sauvage£1,500£78,00031GKFrance
Abdourahmane Barry£970£50,44023D CFrance
Alliou Dembélé£870£45,24035DMFrance
Alioune Diop£810£42,12019AM RL, STSenegal
Darell Tokpa£730£37,96022STFrance
Ayman Ouhatti£600£31,20022D C, DMMorocco
Ahmed Fofana£520£27,04023D C, STIvory Coast
Aurélien Digbeu£520£27,04018STFrance
Annel Jary£520£27,04020STFrance
Anis Ouchouache£520£27,04019D CFrance
Andréa Parsy-Lucas£520£27,04018DMFrance
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Hugo Chambon£450£23,40026STFrance
Ibrahim Fofana£440£22,88019DMIvory Coast
Ibrahima Baldé£440£22,88019D CIvory Coast
Joseph Kayaya£430£22,36019GKDR Congo
Youssouf Assogba£410£21,32021D/WB RBenin
Mathis Touho£400£20,80018AM LFrance
Matthieu Rongier£400£20,80021GKFrance
Mathieu Pothet£400£20,80025D LCFrance
Matis Wessner£400£20,80019AM RCFrance
Matis Adon£400£20,80022M CMartinique
Rayan Lutin£350£18,20020M CFrance
Roan Gbedji£350£18,20019AM RLFrance
Siriky Diabaté£340£17,68020D CIvory Coast
Siaka Bakayoko£340£17,68018WB LFrance
Younes Dariminy£280£14,56019AM CFrance
Yanis Rafii£280£14,56018STFrance
Yvan Ikia Dimi£90£4,68018AM RLFrance
Brunnel Tutuana£90£4,68018D RFrance
Yanis Jean£90£4,68018D RFrance
Mathéo Konan£90£4,68018D CFrance
Kévin Monziols£90£4,68018AM CFrance
Kévin Nkumu£90£4,68018D/WB RFrance
Tom Seillan£90£4,68018M CFrance
Julien Machinet£90£4,68018GKFrance
Michael Mortume£70£3,64017STFrance
Louis Moussier£70£3,64017M CFrance
Milan Buron£70£3,64017D CFrance
Lou Alexandre£70£3,64017GKFrance
François-Xavier Merlo-Ursule£70£3,64017M CFrance
Daniel Akinleye£50£2,60016STFrance
Foly Amegatse£50£2,60016D CFrance
Yanis Zirmi£50£2,60016GKFrance
Flávio Gonçalves£50£2,60015D CPortugal
Guillaume Doré£0£026D R, DMFrance
Ewen Tondeux£0£018D CFrance
Mactar Tine£0£021M CSenegal

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Who is Amiens's highest earner?

Amadou Ciss has the highest salary at Amiens, earning £7,500 per week

What is Amiens's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Amiens total salary bill is £4,636,320 per year

What is Amiens's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Amiens total salary bill is £89,160 per week

What league do Amiens's play in?

Amiens play in the Ligue 2, the second division of football in France.

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