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Angers SCO - 2023 Player Wages

Angers SCO have a total of 58 players in their home squad. Angers SCO play in the Ligue 2, the second division of football in France.

Angers SCO total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £6,759,480 per year
  • £129,990 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Loïs Diony earning £13,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Loïs Diony£13,000£676,00030AM R, STFrance
Himad Abdelli£9,200£478,40023AM CFrance
Yan Valery£8,300£431,60024D RCTunisia
Zinedine Ferhat£8,000£416,00030WB/AM RLAlgeria
Pierrick Capelle£7,800£405,60036AM LCFrance
Cédric Hountondji£7,400£384,80029D CBenin
Adrien Hunou£6,500£338,00029AM/F CFrance
Ibrahima Niane£6,100£317,20024STSenegal
Abdoulaye Bamba£5,500£286,00033D/WB RIvory Coast
Farid El Melali£5,300£275,60025AM RAlgeria
Florent Hanin£5,300£275,60033D/WB LFrance
Jordan Lefort£5,100£265,20029D LCFrance
Jean-Mattéo Bahoya£5,100£265,20018AM LC, F CFrance
Lilian Raolisoa£5,000£260,00023D/WB/M RFrance
Yahia Fofana£4,300£223,60022GKIvory Coast
Halid Šabanović£3,200£166,40023D RBosnia & Herzegovina
Joseph Lopy£3,100£161,20031DMSenegal
Justin Kalumba£3,100£161,20018D L, AM RL, STFrance
Zinédine Ould Khaled£3,000£156,00023DMFrance
Noah Nadje£2,900£150,80019STFrance
Ousmane Camara£2,800£145,60020D C, DMFrance
Ulrick Enémé Ella£750£39,00022AM/F CFrance
Dženit Hajdarević£590£30,68020STBosnia & Herzegovina
Enzo Caumont£540£28,08019DMFrance
Eddine Charid£520£27,04019DMFrance
Eliot Pasture Boisbouvier£500£26,00020GKFrance
Christian Ngambi£500£26,00017D LCFrance
Demba N'Diaye£490£25,48017D LCFrance
Ilan Ernoux£470£24,44019AM L, STFrance
Luis Brémaud£430£22,36019D LCFrance
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Noah Ndeke£420£21,84020AM LFrance
Melvin Zinga£410£21,32021GKFrance
Loïc Breton£410£21,32019D CFrance
Marius Courcoul£400£20,80016DMFrance
Moussa Grange£400£20,80018AM CFrance
Mathys Houdayer£400£20,80018STFrance
Oumar Pona£380£19,76017GKFrance
Walim Lgharbi£360£18,72020AM RFrance
Sidiki Chérif£340£17,68016AM L, STFrance
Yassin Belkhdim£310£16,12021AM CFrance
Yacine Gaya£280£14,56018D CAlgeria
Loick Boana£90£4,68018AM R, STFrance
Bourhane Conte£90£4,68018DMFrance
Théo Lefebvre£90£4,68018D C, DMFrance
Antonin Moisdon£90£4,68018D CFrance
Karim Boutera£70£3,64017AM R, STFrance
Lenny Pietre£70£3,64017STFrance
Franck Heffa£70£3,64017DMFrance
Enzo Sautereau£70£3,64017GKFrance
Mohamed Hmamouch£50£2,60016AM RFrance
Marius Louer£50£2,60016D CFrance
Brady Gouandjia£50£2,60016AM CFrance
Aleks Zeković£50£2,60016DMFrance
Sofiane Tahri£50£2,60016AM R, STMorocco
Prosper Peter£50£2,60015STFrance
Noa Courtoux£50£2,60016AM L, STFrance
Rodrigue Nsingi Malongi£50£2,60016AM R, STFrance
Brayane Ondongo£50£2,60016D/WB RFrance

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Who is Angers SCO's highest earner?

Loïs Diony has the highest salary at Angers SCO, earning £13,000 per week

What is Angers SCO's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Angers SCO total salary bill is £6,759,480 per year

What is Angers SCO's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Angers SCO total salary bill is £129,990 per week

What league do Angers SCO's play in?

Angers SCO play in the Ligue 2, the second division of football in France.

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