Preston North End 2021 - Player Wages

Preston North End have a total of 55 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Josh Murphy earning £25,000 per week.

Preston North End play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £13,749,320 per year
  • £264,410 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Josh Murphy£25,000£1,300,00026AM RL, STEngland
Daniel Iversen£22,000£1,144,00023GKDenmark
Daniel Johnson£19,000£988,00028AM CJamaica
Alan Browne£19,000£988,00026AM CIreland
Ali McCann£13,000£676,00021DMScotland
Emil Riis£12,000£624,00023STDenmark
Greg Cunningham£11,000£572,00030D/WB LIreland
Declan Rudd£9,400£488,80030GKEngland
Scott Sinclair£9,000£468,00032AM RL, STEngland
Brad Potts£8,500£442,00027AM RCEngland
Ben Whiteman£8,500£442,00025DMEngland
Izzy Brown£8,100£421,20024AM RLC, F CEngland
Liam Lindsay£8,000£416,00025D CScotland
Sean Maguire£7,600£395,20027AM L, STIreland
Tom Barkhuizen£7,600£395,20028WB R, AM RC, F CEngland
Josh Harrop£7,100£369,20025AM RLCEngland
Patrick Bauer£6,800£353,60028D CGermany
Jordan Storey£6,100£317,20023D CEngland
Matt Olosunde£5,900£306,80023D/WB RU.S.A.
Paul Huntington£5,800£301,60033D CEngland
Ryan Ledson£5,700£296,40023DMEngland
Andrew Hughes£5,500£286,00029D LCWales
Connor Ripley£5,400£280,80028GKEngland
Sepp van den Berg£4,600£239,20019D RCHolland
Ched Evans£4,400£228,80032STWales
Joe Rafferty£4,100£213,20027D/WB RLIreland
Josh Earl£4,100£213,20022D/WB LEngland
Connor Wickham£3,400£176,80028AM RL, STEngland
Jamie Thomas£1,100£57,20024AM/F CWales
Mathew Hudson£780£40,56022GKEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lewis Leigh£740£38,48017AM CEngland
Ethan Walker£560£29,12018AM RL, STEngland
Joe Rodwell-Grant£510£26,52018STEngland
Jacob Holland-Wilkinson£510£26,52018AM RLC, F CEngland
Lewis Coulton£490£25,48018D/WB LEngland
Oliver Lombard£460£23,92018GKEngland
James Pradic£140£7,28016GKWales
Declyn Duggan£140£7,28017GKEngland
Jacob Slater£140£7,28016D/WB LEngland
Joe Blanchard£140£7,28017D LCEngland
Kian Best£140£7,28015D LCEngland
Harry Nevin£140£7,28017D RCIreland
Teddy Mfuni£140£7,28017D CEngland
Finlay Wallbank£140£7,28016D RCEngland
Dana De Oliveira Amaral£140£7,28017D R, DM, AM CEngland
Josh Seary£140£7,28016D/WB REngland
Kian Taylor£140£7,28016DMEngland
Noah Mawéné£140£7,28016DM, AM CEngland
Aaron Bennett£140£7,28017M CWales
Levi Lewis£140£7,28017D/WB/AM LEngland
Kitt Nelson£140£7,28016AM RLCEngland
Mikey O'Neil£140£7,28017AM/F CEngland
Finlay Cross-Adair£140£7,28016STEngland
Rio Pemberton£140£7,28016AM RLC, F CEngland
Vaughn Green£140£7,28017AM RL, STEngland

Who is Preston North End's highest earner?

Josh Murphy has the highest salary at Preston North End, earning £25,000 per week

What is Preston North End's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Preston North End total salary bill is £13,749,320 per year

What is Preston North End's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Preston North End total salary bill is £264,410 per week

What league do Preston North End's play in?

Preston North End play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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