Queens Park Rangers 2021 - Player Wages

Queens Park Rangers have a total of 80 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Andre Gray earning £73,000 per week.

Queens Park Rangers play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £13,830,960 per year
  • £265,980 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Andre Gray£73,000£3,796,00030AM R, STEngland
Charlie Austin£17,000£884,00032STEngland
Andre Dozzell£13,000£676,00022DMEngland
Albert Adomah£13,000£676,00033AM RLGhana
Stefan Johansen£11,000£572,00030DM, AM CNorway
Ilias Chair£11,000£572,00023AM LCBelgium
Chris Willock£9,400£488,80023AM RLCEngland
Rob Dickie£8,700£452,40025D CEngland
Jimmy Dunne£8,100£421,20023D CIreland
Lee Wallace£8,000£416,00033D/WB LScotland
Luke Amos£8,000£416,00024DMEngland
Lyndon Dykes£8,000£416,00025STAustralia
Dominic Ball£7,400£384,80025D R, DMEngland
Yoann Barbet£7,000£364,00028D LCFrance
Osman Kakay£5,800£301,60023D RCEngland
Sam Field£5,600£291,20023DMEngland
George Thomas£5,200£270,40024AM RC, F CWales
Moses Odubajo£4,900£254,80027D/WB/M RNigeria
Seny Dieng£4,600£239,20026GKSwitzerland
Sam McCallum£4,600£239,20020D/WB LEngland
Jordan Archer£4,100£213,20028GKScotland
Jordy de Wijs£4,100£213,20026D CHolland
Dillon Barnes£3,400£176,80025GKEngland
Charlie Owens£2,400£124,80023DMN.Ireland
Joe Walsh£1,100£57,20019GKEngland
Stephen Duke-McKenna£820£42,64020AM RLCGuyana
Joe Gubbins£760£39,52019D CEngland
Joseph Ajose£710£36,92019M CEngland
Ody Alfa£710£36,92022AM RLEngland
Marco Ramkilde£710£36,92023AM/F CDenmark
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ben Wells£640£33,28021D C, DMIreland
Sean Adarkwa£600£31,20020STEngland
Brandon Aveiro£590£30,68019AM RLCPortugal
Themis Kefalas£510£26,52021D C, DMGreece
Franklin Domi£500£26,00020D LEngland
Aaron Drewe£500£26,00020D REngland
Alfie Lloyd£500£26,00018AM R, STEngland
Jake Frailing£460£23,92019M CEngland
Alex Aoraha£450£23,40018AM CEngland
Arkelle Jude-Boyd£450£23,40018D/AM REngland
Armelindo Mema£450£23,40019AM RL, STEngland
Hamzad Kargbo£430£22,36019STEngland
Deon Woodman£420£21,84018D CEngland
Dillon De Silva£420£21,84019AM RLEngland
Kayden Williams Lowe£400£20,80020D REngland
Max Little£380£19,76019GKEngland
Isaac Pitblado£370£19,24019D LScotland
Nathan Carlyle£370£19,24020D C, DMIreland
Murphy Mahoney£330£17,16019GKEngland
Mason McLean£330£17,16018D RCEngland
Shiloh Remy£320£16,64020AM CEngland
Raheem Conte£280£14,56018DM, AM CPortugal
Sinclair Armstrong£270£14,04018AM RL, STIreland
Trent Mahorn£260£13,52019D REngland
Ivo Rossi£140£7,28017D CItaly
Matteo Salamon£140£7,28017GKEngland
Harry Cant£140£7,28016GKEngland
Kacper Zapieraczynski£140£7,28016GKPoland
Kayden Harrack£140£7,28017D C, DMEngland
Henry Hawkins£140£7,28017D CEngland
Charlie McDonald£140£7,28016D CEngland
Sam Bagan£140£7,28016D/WB LEngland
Derek Luzinda£140£7,28016D/WB REngland
Elijah Anthony£140£7,28017D RLCEngland
Riley Cotter£140£7,28017DMEngland
Harun Hamid£140£7,28017AM CEngland
Mason Obeng£140£7,28017AM CEngland
Lorent Talla£140£7,28016AM CAlbania
Jaime Sacopon£140£7,28017AM CEngland
Salvatore Marino£140£7,28016DMItaly
Samuel Sackey£140£7,28016AM RLEngland
Matthew Castillo-Anderson£140£7,28017AM LCEngland
Shannon Brown£140£7,28016AM CEngland
Harry Murphy£140£7,28017AM CEngland
Adam Dougui£140£7,28017AM RLAlgeria
Micah Anthony£140£7,28017AM RLEngland
Rayan Kolli£140£7,28016AM RL, STAlgeria
Omar Eisa£140£7,28017STEngland
Ferrell Danso£140£7,28017STEngland
Gui Siqueira£140£7,28016STItaly

Who is Queens Park Rangers's highest earner?

Andre Gray has the highest salary at Queens Park Rangers, earning £73,000 per week

What is Queens Park Rangers's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Queens Park Rangers total salary bill is £13,830,960 per year

What is Queens Park Rangers's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Queens Park Rangers total salary bill is £265,980 per week

What league do Queens Park Rangers's play in?

Queens Park Rangers play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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