CD León 2021 - Player Wages

CD León have a total of 59 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Elías Hernández earning £18,000 per week.

CD León play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £8,844,680 per year
  • £170,090 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Elías Hernández£18,000£936,00033AM RMexico
Rodolfo Cota£14,000£728,00034GKMexico
Ángel Mena£14,000£728,00033AM RLEcuador
Luis Montes£14,000£728,00035AM CMexico
Emmanuel Gigliotti£14,000£728,00034STArgentina
Fernando Navarro£13,000£676,00032D/WB RMexico
Andrés Mosquera£8,500£442,00031D/WB RColombia
Osvaldo Rodríguez£7,800£405,60024D LMexico
Iván Rodríguez£7,100£369,20025DMMexico
William Tesillo£7,000£364,00031D LCColombia
Alfonso Blanco£6,500£338,00033GKMexico
Gil Giovanni Burón£6,200£322,40027D/WB RMexico
Jaine Barreiro£6,100£317,20027D CColombia
Víctor Dávila£5,500£286,00023AM LCChile
Jean Meneses£5,100£265,20028AM RLCChile
Omar Fernández£4,800£249,60028AM RLCColombia
José David Ramírez£4,100£213,20025AM RMexico
Santiago Colombatto£3,600£187,20024DMArgentina
Ramiro González£2,700£140,40030D CArgentina
Santiago Ormeño£2,600£135,20027STMexico
Iván Vázquez Mellado£980£50,96038GKMexico
Jorge Díaz£580£30,16022AM LCMexico
Fernando Morales£240£12,48020M CMexico
Armando León£120£6,24021STMexico
Fidel Ambríz£120£6,24018DMMexico
Jesse Zamudio£120£6,24022AM LMexico
Juan Pablo Rangel£120£6,24021STMexico
Saúl Zamora£110£5,72018M CMexico
Andrés Gallo£100£5,20019DMMexico
Héctor Uribe£100£5,20017AM LMexico
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alejandro Alanís£100£5,20018GKMexico
Jesús Domínguez£100£5,20019GKMexico
Bernardo Aguilar£100£5,20020GKMexico
Oscar García£100£5,20018GKMexico
Oscar Villa£100£5,20020D LMexico
Juan Zamudio£100£5,20019D RLMexico
Luis Galicia£100£5,20021D CMexico
Ian Ramírez£100£5,20017D CMexico
Bryan Romero£100£5,20018D CU.S.A.
Diego Luna£100£5,20019D CMexico
Pedro Hernández£100£5,20020D RMexico
Moisés Juárez£100£5,20018D RMexico
Oscar Salas£100£5,20020D RMexico
Oscar Alba£100£5,20017M LMexico
Isaác Muñíz£100£5,20018M LMexico
Luis Araujo£100£5,20019M CMexico
Bogard Lleverino£100£5,20020M CMexico
Luis Guerrero£100£5,20018M CMexico
Josué Navarro£100£5,20019M RMexico
Gustavo Zenteno£100£5,20018M RMexico
Jesús González£100£5,20021AM CMexico
Sebastián Santos£100£5,20018AM RMexico
Carlos Sebastián Muñoz£100£5,20020AM RLMexico
José Salazar£100£5,20018STMexico
Yair Martínez£100£5,20018STMexico
Iván Hernández£100£5,20020STMexico
Yeremi Vissuet£100£5,20019STMexico
Brian Guerrero£100£5,20019STMexico
Luis Cervantes£100£5,20020STMexico

Who is CD León's highest earner?

Elías Hernández has the highest salary at CD León, earning £18,000 per week

What is CD León's yearly wage bill in 2021?

CD León total salary bill is £8,844,680 per year

What is CD León's monthly wage bill in 2021?

CD León total salary bill is £170,090 per week

What league do CD León's play in?

CD León play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

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