Deportivo Toluca 2023 - Player Wages

Deportivo Toluca have a total of 45 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Tiago Volpi earning £14,000 per week.

Deportivo Toluca play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £9,430,720 per year
  • £181,360 per week

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Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Tiago Volpi£14,000£728,00031GKBrazil
Claudio Baeza£14,000£728,00028D C, DMChile
Carlos González£14,000£728,00029STParaguay
Camilo Sanvezzo£14,000£728,00033AM L, STBrazil
Andrés Mosquera£13,000£676,00032D/WB RColombia
Jean Meneses£12,000£624,00029AM RLCChile
Leonardo Fernández£10,000£520,00023AM RCUruguay
Fernando Navarro£9,300£483,60033D/WB R, M CMexico
Haret Ortega£9,200£478,40022D CMexico
Jorge Torres Nilo£9,100£473,20034D LCMexico
Raúl López£8,700£452,40029D/WB RMexico
Jordan Sierra£8,100£421,20025DMEcuador
Brayan Angulo£7,500£390,00032D/WB/M LColombia
Valber Huerta£7,500£390,00028D CChile
Luis Manuel García£7,000£364,00029GKMexico
Carlos Guzmán£6,400£332,80028D/WB RMexico
Marcel Ruiz£5,900£306,80021AM RCMexico
Sebastián Saucedo£4,600£239,20025AM RLCU.S.A.
Daniel Álvarez£4,400£228,80027AM RLMexico
Jorge Rodríguez£130£6,76020D/WB LMexico
Gustavo Gutiérrez£120£6,24025GKMexico
Óscar Millán£110£5,72020AM RCMexico
Alan Rodríguez£100£5,20026AM CMexico
Isaías Violante£100£5,20018AM RLMexico
Everardo López£100£5,20017D CMexico
Diego Abitia£100£5,20019STMexico
Diego Sánchez£100£5,20019M CMexico
Ronaldo Beltrán£100£5,20020GKMexico
Oscar Altamirano£100£5,20020M RCMexico
Abraham Villegas Maciel£100£5,20019D/WB LMexico
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Yosthin Mendoza£100£5,20018AM RLC, F CMexico
Aldo Llanas£100£5,20019DMMexico
Diego Pillado£100£5,20021DMMexico
Fernando Sánchez£100£5,20020STMexico
Pablo Jurado£100£5,20019GKMexico
Dilan Dávila£100£5,20018DMMexico
Edgar Martínez£100£5,20019D/WB RMexico
Kevin Zepeda£100£5,20019D CMexico
Axel Cruz£100£5,20019M CMexico
Derick Keiser£100£5,20017D CMexico
Arturo Del Campo£100£5,20019STMexico
Lenin Francés£100£5,20018D/WB RMexico
Enrique Gómez£100£5,20018AM RMexico
David López£100£5,20018D/WB RMexico
Saúl Vallejo£100£5,20018M CMexico

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Who is Deportivo Toluca's highest earner?

Tiago Volpi has the highest salary at Deportivo Toluca, earning £14,000 per week

What is Deportivo Toluca's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Deportivo Toluca total salary bill is £9,430,720 per year

What is Deportivo Toluca's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Deportivo Toluca total salary bill is £181,360 per week

What league do Deportivo Toluca's play in?

Deportivo Toluca play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

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