Tigres de la UANL 2023 - Player Wages

Tigres de la UANL have a total of 49 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Florian Thauvin earning £86,000 per week.

Tigres de la UANL play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £21,952,840 per year
  • £422,170 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Florian Thauvin£86,000£4,472,00029AM RLCFrance
André-Pierre Gignac£68,000£3,536,00036STFrance
Guido Pizarro£32,000£1,664,00032DMArgentina
Javier Aquino£25,000£1,300,00032D/AM LMexico
Samir£24,000£1,248,00027D LCBrazil
Nahuel Guzmán£20,000£1,040,00036GKArgentina
Nico López£18,000£936,00028AM RLC, F CUruguay
Rafael Carioca£17,000£884,00033DMBrazil
Jesús Angulo£16,000£832,00024D LCMexico
Luis Quiñones£14,000£728,00031AM LColombia
Sebastián Córdova£14,000£728,00025AM RLCMexico
Hugo Ayala£14,000£728,00035D CMexico
Luis Alfonso Rodríguez£13,000£676,00031D/WB/M RMexico
Diego Reyes£12,000£624,00029D C, DMMexico
Juan Pablo Vigon£11,000£572,00030M CMexico
Jordy Caicedo£10,000£520,00024AM R, STEcuador
Vladimir Loroña£6,500£338,00023D RMexico
Francisco Venegas£6,300£327,60023D LCMexico
Igor Lichnovsky£5,100£265,20028D CChile
Eduardo Tercero£4,300£223,60026D CMexico
Raymundo Fulgencio£2,700£140,40022AM RMexico
Erick Ávalos£280£14,56022D CMexico
Luis Cañamar£170£8,84020AM RCMexico
Leonardo Flores£150£7,80019STMexico
Miguel Ortega£140£7,28027GKMexico
Jesús Garza£140£7,28022AM RMexico
César Gutiérrez£130£6,76020STMexico
Arturo Delgado£130£6,76020GKMexico
Zahir García£120£6,24019GKMexico
Leonel Prieto£110£5,72020STMexico
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
David Ayala£100£5,20022STMexico
Sebastián Fierro£100£5,20020M CMexico
Alan Acevedo£100£5,20021AM RCMexico
Fernando González Peña£100£5,20021DMMexico
Miguel Lara£100£5,20018D LMexico
José Acevedo£100£5,20020M RMexico
Francisco Croda£100£5,20017D LMexico
Fernando Ordoñez£100£5,20021DMMexico
Luis Ruiz£100£5,20019D RMexico
Erick González£100£5,20018GKMexico
Manuel Aguilar£100£5,20019D CMexico
Anthony Ramos£100£5,20019GKU.S.A.
Isaias Galván£100£5,20017STMexico
Diego Ojeda£100£5,20017STMexico
Kevin Mariscal£100£5,20020M CMexico
Luis Avalos£100£5,20017STMexico
Hernán Flores£100£5,20020D CMexico
Luis Nájera£100£5,20019STMexico
Fernando González Romero£100£5,20020D CMexico

Who is Tigres de la UANL's highest earner?

Florian Thauvin has the highest salary at Tigres de la UANL, earning £86,000 per week

What is Tigres de la UANL's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Tigres de la UANL total salary bill is £21,952,840 per year

What is Tigres de la UANL's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Tigres de la UANL total salary bill is £422,170 per week

What league do Tigres de la UANL's play in?

Tigres de la UANL play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

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