Pachuca CF 2021 - Player Wages

Pachuca CF have a total of 54 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Gustavo Cabral earning £12,000 per week.

Pachuca CF play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,967,000 per year
  • £114,750 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gustavo Cabral£12,000£624,00035D CArgentina
Jorge Hernández£9,100£473,20032DMMexico
Ismael Sosa£9,100£473,20034AM RL, STArgentina
Oscar Murillo£9,000£468,00033D CColombia
Víctor Guzmán£8,000£416,00026AM CMexico
Oscar Ustari£7,800£405,60035GKArgentina
Avilés Hurtado£7,500£390,00034AM RLC, F CColombia
Yairo Moreno£7,300£379,60026D/WB/AM LColombia
Romario Ibarra£6,700£348,40026AM LEcuador
Santiago Mosquera£6,600£343,20026AM RLCColombia
Kevin Álvarez£5,000£260,00022D RMexico
Miguel Ángel Herrera£4,900£254,80032D CMexico
Matías Catalán£4,900£254,80028D/WB RArgentina
Roberto de la Rosa£4,700£244,40021STMexico
Nicolás Ibáñez£2,900£150,80026STArgentina
Luis Chávez£2,000£104,00025AM LCMexico
Pablo López£1,800£93,60023M CMexico
Tony Figueroa£880£45,76022AM RCMexico
Miguel Ángel Tapias£390£20,28024D CMexico
Emmanuel Quezada£280£14,56020AM CMexico
Erick Sánchez£250£13,00021M CMexico
Daniel Aceves£220£11,44020D LMexico
René López£210£10,92019D RMexico
Carlos Moreno£160£8,32023GKMexico
José Ángel Baldovinos£140£7,28022D RMexico
Israel Luna£130£6,76019AM RMexico
Bryan González£120£6,24018AM LMexico
Alán Bautista£110£5,72019DMMexico
Jesús Hernández£100£5,20019AM RMexico
Sergio Gámez£100£5,20018STMexico
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Patricio Villalobos£100£5,20017DMMexico
Betuel Sánchez£100£5,20018GKMexico
José Eulogio£100£5,20017GKMexico
Carlos Rodas£100£5,20019GKMexico
Mauricio Isais£100£5,20020AM CU.S.A.
José Eduardo Castillo£100£5,20017D RMexico
Alan Zubiri£100£5,20020D CMexico
Diego Esqueda£100£5,20019D CMexico
Julio Pérez£100£5,20019D CMexico
Pedro Martínez£100£5,20019D CMexico
José Castillo£100£5,20019D RMexico
Esteban Escobedo Jr£100£5,20021M CU.S.A.
Jahaziel Marchand£100£5,20019M CMexico
Víctor Barajas£100£5,20018AM LMexico
Rafael Palma£100£5,20018AM RCMexico
Miguel Rodríguez£100£5,20018AM RMexico
Raúl Camacho£100£5,20019STMexico
Johan Mascorro£100£5,20019STMexico
Almir Lira£100£5,20018STMexico
Sergio Aguayo£100£5,20018STU.S.A.
Alexis Macías£100£5,20017STMexico
Illian Hernández£100£5,20021STMexico
Eduardo Mustre£100£5,20018STMexico
Ángel Estrada£60£3,12018M CMexico

Who is Pachuca CF's highest earner?

Gustavo Cabral has the highest salary at Pachuca CF, earning £12,000 per week

What is Pachuca CF's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Pachuca CF total salary bill is £5,967,000 per year

What is Pachuca CF's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Pachuca CF total salary bill is £114,750 per week

What league do Pachuca CF's play in?

Pachuca CF play in the Liga MX, the first division of football in Mexico.

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