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Clermont - 2023 Player Wages

Clermont have a total of 74 players in their home squad. Clermont play in the Ligue 1, the top division of football in France.

Clermont total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £7,935,200 per year
  • £152,600 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Alidu Seidu earning £15,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alidu Seidu£15,000£780,00023D RLCGhana
Mory Diaw£11,000£572,00030GKSenegal
Neto Borges£10,000£520,00026D/WB LBrazil
Maxime Gonalons£10,000£520,00034DMFrance
Maximiliano Caufriez£8,900£462,80026D RCBelgium
Johan Gastien£8,100£421,20035DMFrance
Andy Pelmard£7,500£390,00023D LCFrance
Elba Rashani£7,300£379,60030AM RLCKosovo
Grejohn Kyei£7,200£374,40027STFrance
Yohann Magnin£6,300£327,60026D C, DMFrance
Florent Ogier£5,300£275,60034D CFrance
Jim Allevinah£5,100£265,20028WB R, AM RLGabon
Komnen Andrić£5,000£260,00028AM L, STSerbia
Muhammed Cham£4,900£254,80022AM RCAustria
Mehdi Zeffane£4,900£254,80031D/WB RAlgeria
Bilal Boutobba£4,500£234,00024AM RCFrance
Shamar Nicholson£3,600£187,20026STJamaica
Habib Keïta£3,200£166,40021DM, AM CMali
Jérémie Bela£3,100£161,20030WB/AM RLFrance
Yoël Armougom£2,300£119,60025D/WB/M LFrance
Aïman Maurer£1,500£78,00018AM RLCMorocco
Cheick Oumar Konaté£1,400£72,80019D RC, DMMali
Axel Gas£880£45,76019D CFrance
Axel Monnet£880£45,76020STFrance
Frédéric Loki£860£44,72019M CFrance
Dimitry Brunet£860£44,72019GKFrance
Grace Dikuta Ebale£840£43,68020AM RCFrance
Mahammadou Diawara£770£40,040STFrance
Walid Sahih£660£34,32019DMFrance
Abdellah Baallal£650£33,80018AM RLMorocco
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Adam Mabrouk£650£33,80020DMFrance
Florian Boulet£600£31,20021AM R, STFrance
Giovani Versini£590£30,68019AM RLFrance
Gabin Delassus£590£30,68016GKFrance
Ibrahim Ouattara£570£29,64019STIvory Coast
Joan Reynaud£560£29,12016GKFrance
Massamba N'Diaye£530£27,56021GKSenegal
Mohamed Sylla£530£27,56019D CFrance
Mohamed-Amine Bouchenna£530£27,56017STFrance
Matys Donavin£530£27,56016D CFrance
Roman Campillo£480£24,96022GKFrance
Stan Berkani£470£24,44019AM CFrance
Sumaila Awudu£470£24,44018D/WB LGhana
Théo Borne£460£23,92020GKFrance
Julien Astic£100£5,20018D C, DMFrance
Seydou Diarra£100£5,20018D CMali
Enzo Tribout£100£5,20018M CFrance
Soumaéla Traoré£100£5,20018D CFrance
Mathis Cohade£100£5,20018AM RLFrance
Théo Ramousse£100£5,20018GKFrance
Gabin Mazeyrat£100£5,20018D CFrance
Ilan Ihaddadene£100£5,20018AM CFrance
Colas Chastang£100£5,20018STFrance
Mathis Jouve£100£5,20018D/WB LFrance
Robin Pages£100£5,20018D CFrance
Ishak Hafiane£100£5,20018D C, DMFrance
Enzo Cantero£100£5,20018STFrance
Marouane Admar£80£4,16017AM CFrance
Abel Garcia£80£4,16018AM CFrance
Corentin Ollier£80£4,16017M CFrance
Ibrahim Coulibaly£80£4,16017D RFrance
Ilhan Fakili£80£4,16017AM RLFrance
Elhadj Koné£80£4,16017M CFrance
Alban Pezaire£80£4,16017D CFrance
Yacine Dehli£80£4,16017D CFrance
Adnan Sahin£80£4,16017D/WB LFrance
Grace Lalaye£80£4,16017AM LFrance
Antoine Torrent£80£4,16017STFrance
Yanis Azagoh£60£3,12016GKFrance
Matthew Davis£60£3,12016D/WB RFrance
Tom Auvré£60£3,12016AM CFrance
Rayane Ali Nasri£60£3,12016AM CFrance
Camil Sellami£60£3,12016AM RFrance
Pierrot Mourton£60£3,12016DMFrance

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Who is Clermont's highest earner?

Alidu Seidu has the highest salary at Clermont, earning £15,000 per week

What is Clermont's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Clermont total salary bill is £7,935,200 per year

What is Clermont's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Clermont total salary bill is £152,600 per week

What league do Clermont's play in?

Clermont play in the Ligue 1, the top division of football in France.

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