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FC Lorient - 2023 Player Wages

FC Lorient have a total of 63 players in their home squad. FC Lorient play in the Ligue 1, the premier division of football in France.

FC Lorient total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £13,432,640 per year
  • £258,320 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Romain Faivre earning £33,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Romain Faivre£33,000£1,716,00024AM RLCFrance
Bamba Dieng£19,000£988,00023AM L, STSenegal
Alfred Gomis£17,000£884,00029GKSenegal
Benjamin Mendy£15,000£780,00028D/WB LFrance
Montassar Talbi£15,000£780,00025D CTunisia
Laurent Abergel£14,000£728,00030DMFrance
Julien Laporte£13,000£676,00029D CFrance
Yvon Mvogo£10,000£520,00029GKSwitzerland
Julien Ponceau£10,000£520,00022AM CFrance
Vincent Le Goff£10,000£520,00033D/WB LFrance
Gédéon Kalulu£9,200£478,40025D RLCDR Congo
Aiyegun Tosin£8,500£442,00025AM RL, STBenin
Tiémoué Bakayoko£7,000£364,00028DMFrance
Jean-Victor Makengo£6,100£317,20025DMFrance
Bonke Innocent£5,500£286,00027DMNigeria
Joel Mvuka£5,100£265,20020AM RLNorway
Isaak Touré£5,100£265,20020D CFrance
Quentin Boisgard£4,700£244,40026AM RLCFrance
Théo Le Bris£4,600£239,20020AM LCFrance
Adrian Grbić£4,500£234,00026AM RL, STAustria
Darlin Yongwa£4,400£228,80022D/WB/M LCameroon
Formose Mendy£4,300£223,60022D RCSenegal
Igor Silva£4,100£213,20026D/WB/M RBrazil
Junior Kroupi£4,100£213,20017AM/F CFrance
Ayman Kari£3,500£182,00018M CFrance
Pablo Pagis£2,800£145,60020AM RL, STFrance
Dembo Sylla£2,400£124,80020D/WB/M RGuinea
Loris Mouyokolo£2,000£104,00022D CFrance
Dominique Youfeigane£960£49,92023GKCentral African Rep.
Siriné Doucouré£810£42,12021AM L, STFrance
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Rayane Lazreq£710£36,92019AM RC, F CFrance
Aurélien Pelon£650£33,80019D CFrance
Arthur Avom Ebong£650£33,80018AM CCameroon
Alexandre Gricourt£650£33,80020DM, AM CFrance
Bassirou Ndiaye£640£33,28021AM L, STSenegal
Brice Seymour£640£33,28018D/WB RFrance
Carmel Mabanza£630£32,76019D C, DMDR Congo
Clément Betoubam£630£32,76017STFrance
Exaucé Mpembélé£610£31,72021AM LC, F CDR Congo
Gino Caoki£590£30,68018DMFrance
Gaël Alette£590£30,68022GKFrance
Guirone Gueguim£590£30,68018GKFrance
Gibril Massée£590£30,68017D CFrance
Isaac James£570£29,64018D/WB LNigeria
Mattéo Bebey Sake£530£27,56018DMFrance
Massamba Sow£530£27,56019D CFrance
Noa Donat£520£27,04019M CFrance
Paul Bellon£500£26,00023DMFrance
Royce Openda£480£24,96021AM RL, STGabon
Yad Lochereau£410£21,32019STFrance
Clarence Kegongo£100£5,20018STFrance
Jérémy Hatchi£100£5,20018AM L, STFrance
Mohamed Sissako£80£4,16017AM CFrance
Enzo Genton£80£4,16017D CFrance
Ilann Garin£80£4,16017M CFrance
Bryan Le Gouic£80£4,16017STFrance
Samir Saïd Haribou£60£3,12016STFrance
Isaac Monnier£60£3,12016M CFrance
Max Denis£60£3,12017D C, M CFrance
Stevan Siba£60£3,12016D CFrance
Enzo Nanor£60£3,12016DMFrance
Léonardo Lévêque£60£3,12016GKFrance
Bahliseny Fofana£60£3,12015GKFrance

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Who is FC Lorient's highest earner?

Romain Faivre has the highest salary at FC Lorient, earning £33,000 per week

What is FC Lorient's yearly wage bill in 2023?

FC Lorient total salary bill is £13,432,640 per year

What is FC Lorient's weekly wage bill in 2023?

FC Lorient total salary bill is £258,320 per week

What league do FC Lorient's play in?

FC Lorient play in the Ligue 1, the premier division of football in France.

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