Stade Rennais FC 2023 - Player Wages

Stade Rennais FC have a total of 69 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Martin Terrier earning £51,000 per week.

Stade Rennais FC play in the Ligue 1, the premier division of football in France.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £22,928,360 per year
  • £440,930 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Martin Terrier£51,000£2,652,00025AM RLC, F CFrance
Steve Mandanda£50,000£2,600,00037GKFrance
Benjamin Bourigeaud£38,000£1,976,00028AM RCFrance
Lovro Majer£26,000£1,352,00024AM CCroatia
Flavien Tait£26,000£1,352,00029AM LCFrance
Arnaud Kalimuendo£25,000£1,300,00020STFrance
Joe Rodon£24,000£1,248,00024D CWales
Arthur Theate£23,000£1,196,00022D CBelgium
Birger Meling£23,000£1,196,00027D/WB/M LNorway
Amine Gouiri£20,000£1,040,00022AM L, STFrance
Alfred Gomis£17,000£884,00028GKSenegal
Baptiste Santamaria£16,000£832,00027DM, AM CFrance
Hamari Traoré£14,000£728,00030D/WB RMali
Jérémy Doku£13,000£676,00020AM RL, STBelgium
Romain Salin£12,000£624,00037GKFrance
Adrien Truffert£8,500£442,00020D/M LFrance
Kamaldeen Sulemana£8,000£416,00020AM LGhana
Warmed Omari£5,400£280,80022D C, DMFrance
Lorenz Assignon£4,000£208,00022D RFrance
Christopher Wooh£3,400£176,80020D CFrance
Désiré Doué£3,400£176,80017AM CFrance
Doğan Alemdar£2,400£124,80019GKTurkey
Lesley Ugochukwu£2,000£104,00018DMFrance
Matthis Abline£900£46,80019STFrance
Iman Nzete£880£45,76019AM LFrance
Louis Tirco£780£40,56019D CFrance
Alan Do Marcolino£660£34,32020STFrance
Alessio Nguéma£660£34,32016D CFrance
Elias Damergy£620£32,24019GKTunisia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Flavien Soumenat£610£31,72016STFrance
Gabriel Tutu£600£31,20018STFrance
Guela Doué£600£31,20019D RCFrance
Jéremy Jacquet£570£29,64016D CFrance
Jonathan Do Marcolino£570£29,64016D CFrance
Jeanuël Belocian£570£29,64017DMFrance
Lucas Kouao£550£28,60018D C, DMFrance
Mohamed Jaouab£540£28,08020D C, DMMorocco
Noah Françoise£530£27,56019DMFrance
Noah Le Bret-Maboulou£530£27,56017STFrance
Redwan Bourlès£490£25,48019AM LCFrance
Wilson Samaké£470£24,44018AM R, STFrance
Victor Petit£450£23,40021D C, DMFrance
Valentin Hesry£450£23,40019GKFrance
Yann Batola£100£5,20018GKFrance
Djaoui Cissé£100£5,20018DMFrance
Rayan Bamba£100£5,20018D RFrance
Léo Rouillé£100£5,20018AM LFrance
Trésor Matondo£100£5,20018DM, M LCFrance
Dalangunynpole Gomis£80£4,16018D CFrance
Nathan Quinton£80£4,16017STFrance
Maurice Ngangué£80£4,16017D LFrance
Joël Matondo£80£4,16017AM RFrance
Ewen Tondeux£80£4,16017D CFrance
Mathis Lambourde£60£3,12016STFrance
Nordan Mukiele£60£3,12016STFrance
Brice Denet£60£3,12016AM RLFrance
Théo Collin£60£3,12016GKFrance
Djibril Diallo£60£3,12016M CFrance
Jules Duvail£60£3,12016AM RCFrance
Kelian Baruti Liamba£60£3,12016D RFrance
Théo Udin£60£3,12016GKFrance
Issa Habri£60£3,12016D LFrance
Florian Truffert£60£3,12016M CFrance
Paolo Limon£60£3,12016M CFrance
Mathys Silistrie£60£3,12016GKFrance
Aaron Malouda£60£3,12016STFrance
Isiaka Soukouna£60£3,12016D CFrance
Dorian Fraeyman£60£3,12016D LFrance

Who is Stade Rennais FC's highest earner?

Martin Terrier has the highest salary at Stade Rennais FC, earning £51,000 per week

What is Stade Rennais FC's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Stade Rennais FC total salary bill is £22,928,360 per year

What is Stade Rennais FC's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Stade Rennais FC total salary bill is £440,930 per week

What league do Stade Rennais FC's play in?

Stade Rennais FC play in the Ligue 1, the premier division of football in France.

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