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Toulouse - 2023 Player Wages

Toulouse have a total of 84 players in their home squad. Toulouse play in the Ligue 1, the first division of football in France.

Toulouse total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £8,282,560 per year
  • £159,280 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Zakaria Aboukhlal earning £12,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Zakaria Aboukhlal£12,000£624,00023AM RL, STMorocco
Guillaume Restes£12,000£624,00018GKFrance
Stijn Spierings£11,000£572,00027DMNetherlands
Gabriel Suazo£11,000£572,00025D LChile
Rasmus Nicolaisen£10,000£520,00026D CDenmark
Mikkel Desler£9,000£468,00028D/WB RDenmark
Vincent Sierro£7,500£390,00027DMSwitzerland
Cristian Cásseres£7,400£384,80023DM, AM CVenezuela
Logan Costa£7,000£364,00022D CCape Verde
Niklas Schmidt£5,900£306,80025AM CGermany
Aron Dønnum£5,500£286,00025AM RLNorway
Denis Genreau£5,400£280,80024M CAustralia
Frank Magri£5,300£275,60023STFrance
Moussa Diarra£4,900£254,80022D LC, DMFrance
Oliver Zandén£4,800£249,60021D/WB LSweden
César Gelabert£4,400£228,80022AM RLCSpain
Ibrahim Cissoko£4,100£213,20020AM L, STNetherlands
Naatan Skyttä£3,900£202,80021AM CFinland
Warren Kamanzi£3,400£176,80022D/WB RLNorway
Mamady Bangré£2,900£150,80022AM RLFrance
Álex Domínguez£2,000£104,00024GKSpain
Thijs Dallinga£1,600£83,20022STNetherlands
Yanis Begraoui£1,300£67,60021STMorocco
Kévin Keben£1,000£52,00019D CCameroon
Gaël Ramade£920£47,84021DMFrance
Kléri Serber£900£46,80025AM CFrance
Giacomo Perez£860£44,72019STFrance
Lucas Proupuech£780£40,56019D/WB/M RFrance
Nassim Lamliki£770£40,04020D/WB LFrance
Christian Mawissa£730£37,96018D LCFrance
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Sacha Cudis£730£37,96019AM RLFrance
Noah Lahmadi£720£37,44018DMFrance
Yanis Zodehougan£720£37,44019D C, DMFrance
Schinear Mopila£710£36,92019D C, DMFrance
Yannick Agora£670£34,84019D/WB RFrance
Bonota Traoré£640£33,28020AM L, STFrance
Thomas Himeur£560£29,12022GKFrance
Justin Lacombe£560£29,12020GKFrance
Kylian Watel£550£28,60019DMFrance
Mamadou Kebé£530£27,56019AM L, STFrance
Noah Edjouma£520£27,04017AM RLFrance
Rafik Messali£480£24,96020D/WB RAlgeria
Ylies Aradj£410£21,32018D/WB LFrance
Alexis Ntamack£100£5,20018AM RLFrance
Nicolas Wasbauer£100£5,20018D CFrance
Mechack Niombo£100£5,20018AM RLDR Congo
Gaëtan Bakhouche£100£5,20018D CFrance
Edhy Zuliani£100£5,20018AM RLCFrance
Ali Kamaté£100£5,20018AM RLIvory Coast
Warren Ngako£100£5,20018AM RLFrance
Frédéric Efuele£100£5,20018DMFrance
Amadou Camara£100£5,20018AM LCGuinea
Teddy Allemandou£100£5,20018D/WB RFrance
Issiaka Touré£100£5,20018GKFrance
Naïme Said Mchindra£100£5,20018GKFrance
Todd Vromant£100£5,20018AM RLCFrance
Ruben Beliandjou£80£4,16017STFrance
Thibaud Garondo£80£4,16017D C, DMFrance
Kelyan Bouklouche£80£4,16017DMFrance
Mouhamed Daïf£80£4,16017AM LC, F CFrance
Luca Mailhol£80£4,16017DMFrance
Lony Huth£80£4,16017AM L, STFrance
Raphaël Gaudel£80£4,16017D RFrance
Sacha Vivent£80£4,16017D CFrance
Dayann Methalie£80£4,16017D LFrance
Clément Pujos£80£4,16017DMFrance
Rakane Naceur£80£4,16017AM RL, STFrance
Ismael Sylla£80£4,16017AM L, STSpain
Seny Koumbassa£60£3,12016D CFrance
Enzo Faty£60£3,12016STFrance
Jaydee Canvot£60£3,12016D C, DMFrance
Mathys Niflore£60£3,12016GKFrance
Jules Ouaknine£60£3,12016D CFrance
Darris Zema£60£3,12016DMFrance
Alou Nonga Ibaa£60£3,12016AM RLFrance
Pierre-Wyatt Mongo£60£3,12016D/WB LFrance
Zakariya Mohamed Isack£60£3,12015AM/F CFrance
Matteo Pujades£60£3,12016DMFrance
Mathis Delebarre£60£3,12016GKFrance
Mathis Saka£60£3,12016AM R, STFrance
Mohamed Dansoko£60£3,12016DMFrance
Morvan Loup£60£3,12016GKFrance
Tom Cabarrou£60£3,12016DMFrance
Tony Biakolo£60£3,12016D CCentral African Rep.

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Who is Toulouse's highest earner?

Zakaria Aboukhlal has the highest salary at Toulouse, earning £12,000 per week

What is Toulouse's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Toulouse total salary bill is £8,282,560 per year

What is Toulouse's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Toulouse total salary bill is £159,280 per week

What league do Toulouse's play in?

Toulouse play in the Ligue 1, the first division of football in France.

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