FC Metz 2023 - Player Wages

FC Metz have a total of 65 players in their home squad. FC Metz play in the Ligue 2, the second division of football in France.

FC Metz total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £6,033,040 per year
  • £116,020 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Ismaël Traoré earning £12,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ismaël Traoré£12,000£624,00035D CIvory Coast
Alexandre Oukidja£9,500£494,00033GKAlgeria
Habib Maïga£7,200£374,40026DMIvory Coast
Ibrahima Niane£7,100£369,20023STSenegal
Kiki Kouyaté£7,000£364,00025D RCMali
Kévin N'Doram£7,000£364,00026D C, DMFrance
Matthieu Udol£6,900£358,80026D LFrance
Fali Candé£6,300£327,60024D LC, M LGuinea-Bissau
Marc-Aurèle Caillard£5,900£306,80028GKFrance
Georges Mikautadze£5,200£270,40021AM LC, F CFrance
Sofiane Alakouch£4,600£239,20023D/WB RLMorocco
Lamine Guèye£4,000£208,00024AM R, STSenegal
Amine Bassi£3,500£182,00024AM RCMorocco
Ablie Jallow£3,500£182,00023AM RLThe Gambia
Anthony Musaba£3,500£182,00021AM RL, STHolland
Cheikh Sabaly£3,400£176,80023AM RLSenegal
Youssef Maziz£3,300£171,60024AM LCFrance
Danley Jean-Jacques£960£49,92022DMHaiti
Amadou Dia N'Diaye£870£45,24022AM/F CSenegal
Ababacar Lô£870£45,24022D CSenegal
Lenny Joseph£760£39,52021AM R, STFrance
Arthur Atta£540£28,08019DMFrance
Alexis Mirbach£520£27,04017GKFrance
Antonin Melis£520£27,04017DM, AM CFrance
Dylan Ourega£490£25,48017AM RLFrance
Djebril Danhach£490£25,48018AM R, STFrance
Eldin Rastoder£480£24,96019AM RLMontenegro
Fabio Lohei£470£24,44017D CLuxembourg
Gregory Kelo£460£23,92018D C, DMFrance
Joseph Nduquidi£450£23,40017DMFrance
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Hugo Do Rego£450£23,40018GKLuxembourg
Ousmane Ba£440£22,88020GKSenegal
Maidine Douane£420£21,84019AM CFrance
Édouard Soumah-Abbad£420£21,84019AM RLFrance
Kamel Bouhouch£420£21,84019D/WB R, DMFrance
Lilian Raillot£410£21,32018D C, DMFrance
Luzolo Vangi Vungele£410£21,32016D CFrance
Lanroy Machine£410£21,32016AM R, STFrance
Morgan Hiessler£400£20,80017D RFrance
Max-Henry Nicolas£400£20,80017AM R, STFrance
Noah Zilliox£390£20,28019D LCFrance
Oussmane Kébé£380£19,76019D LCFrance
Romain Jean-Baptiste£350£18,20016GKFrance
Reyan Kraouche£350£18,20017D/WB RFrance
Simon Kalambayi£340£17,68017AM R, STFrance
Theo Ahile£330£17,16019STFrance
Williams Mazie£300£15,60018AM RLFrance
Wassim Bahri£300£15,60017AM CFrance
Yanis Belatrache£280£14,56018AM CFrance
Morgan Bokélé£90£4,68018AM RLFrance
Alessio Ubaldini£90£4,68018D LC, DMFrance
Charles Divialle Corbière£90£4,68018M CFrance
Tanguy Ahile£90£4,68018AM/F CFrance
Étienne Grandjean£70£3,64017AM RLFrance
Oumar Deme£70£3,64017D CFrance
Ryan Cherradi£70£3,64017DM, M LCFrance
Joseph Mangondo£70£3,64017STFrance
Mathis Dijoux£50£2,60016GKFrance
Léo Montout£50£2,60017AM RCFrance
Tahirys Dos Santos£50£2,60016D LC, DMFrance
Diego Duarte£50£2,60016AM/F CLuxembourg
Kimi Gandziri£50£2,60016DM, AM CFrance
Bisnat Mbala£50£2,60016STDR Congo
Ryan Owusu£50£2,60016STFrance
Alessio Martinez£50£2,60016AM CFrance

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Who is FC Metz's highest earner?

Ismaël Traoré has the highest salary at FC Metz, earning £12,000 per week

What is FC Metz's yearly wage bill in 2023?

FC Metz total salary bill is £6,033,040 per year

What is FC Metz's weekly wage bill in 2023?

FC Metz total salary bill is £116,020 per week

What league do FC Metz's play in?

FC Metz play in the Ligue 2, the second division of football in France.

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