Frosinone 2023 - Player Wages

Frosinone have a total of 77 players in their home squad. Frosinone play in the Serie A, the top division of football in Italy.

Frosinone total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £10,569,000 per year
  • £203,250 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Gianluca Frabotta earning £22,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gianluca Frabotta£22,000£1,144,00023D/WB LItaly
Caleb Okoli£19,000£988,00020D CItaly
Luca Mazzitelli£15,000£780,00026DMItaly
Fabio Lucioni£14,000£728,00034D CItaly
Roberto Insigne£13,000£676,00028AM RLCItaly
Riccardo Marchizza£13,000£676,00024D LCItaly
Giuseppe Caso£8,200£426,40023AM RLItaly
Luca Ravanelli£8,000£416,00025D CItaly
Luca Moro£8,000£416,00021STItaly
Luigi Canotto£8,000£416,00028AM RItaly
Daniel Boloca£7,400£384,80023DMRomania
Luca Garritano£6,000£312,00028AM RLCItaly
Matteo Cotali£5,900£306,80025D/WB LItaly
Marcus Rohdén£5,900£306,80031M RLCSweden
Matteo Ricci£5,900£306,80028DMItaly
Karlo Lulić£5,000£260,00026DM, AM RCCroatia
Stefano Turati£4,600£239,20020GKItaly
Mario Sampirisi£3,900£202,80029D RLCItaly
Riccardo Ciervo£3,700£192,40020AM RLItaly
Ben Lhassine Koné£2,500£130,00022AM RLCIvory Coast
Leonardo Loria£2,000£104,00023GKItaly
Michele Cerofolini£1,900£98,80023GKItaly
Przemysław Szymiński£1,800£93,60028D CPoland
Sergio Kalaj£1,600£83,20022D CAlbania
Aliou Traoré£1,500£78,00021AM LCFrance
Luca Matarese£1,000£52,00024AM RLItaly
Miloš Bočić£900£46,80022AM RLC, F CSerbia
Anthony Oyono£830£43,16021D/WB/M RGabon
Andrea Oliveri£780£40,56019AM RLCItaly
Andrea Errico£700£36,40023AM RLCItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lorenzo Vecchi£610£31,72019D/WB RLItaly
Samuele Mulattieri£600£31,20021STItaly
Giuseppe Marcianò£560£29,12022GKItaly
Gennaro Borrelli£530£27,56022STItaly
Kalifa Kujabi£470£24,44022DMThe Gambia
Ilario Monterisi£380£19,76020D CItaly
Matteo Bruno£280£14,56019DMItaly
Andrea Peres£260£13,52019M CItaly
Sergio Jirillo£260£13,52019AM/F CItaly
Pietro Pera£260£13,52018AM RItaly
Simone Condello£220£11,44018AM L, STItaly
Lorenzo Schietroma£220£11,44016M CItaly
Daniel Macej£190£9,88018D CCzech Republic
Ayoub Afi£190£9,88018AM R, STItaly
Alessio Maestrelli£190£9,88018D CItaly
Marco Rosati£190£9,88017D RItaly
Luca Benacquista£190£9,88018D LCItaly
Simone Cangianello£190£9,88018AM CItaly
Simone Milazzo£190£9,88018M LCItaly
Nicola Mulattieri£190£9,88017DMItaly
Alessandro Selvini£190£9,88018STItaly
Salvatore Di Chiara£190£9,88018GKItaly
Evan Bouabré£190£9,88018AM RLIvory Coast
Matjasz Pahič£190£9,88018DMSlovenia
Niccolò Crecco£190£9,88017D/WB LItaly
Manuele De Min£190£9,88017M CItaly
Lorenzo Palmisani£190£9,88018GKItaly
Alessandro Pozzi£190£9,88018AM RL, STItaly
Gabriele Bracaglia£190£9,88018D RCItaly
Alessio Quadraccia£190£9,88017D CItaly
Diego Voncina£190£9,88017STItaly
Giovanni Stellato£190£9,88016GKItaly
Francesco Stazi£190£9,88016D CItaly
David Zettera£190£9,88017AM RLC, F CItaly
Francesco Stefanelli£190£9,88016D/WB LItaly
Francesco Minicangeli£190£9,88016GKItaly
Kristian Mezsargs£190£9,88016STLithuania
Lorenzo Bauco£190£9,88016AM RItaly
Eugenio Cozzolino£190£9,88016D/WB RItaly
Luca Iachini£190£9,88016D RItaly
Tiziano Romano£190£9,88016GKItaly
Cristian Maura£190£9,88018D RCItaly
Simone Ferrieri£190£9,88018STItaly
Alessandro De Rita£190£9,88016D/WB RItaly
Cristian Paparelli£190£9,88016DMItaly
Lorenzo Petrucci£190£9,88016M CItaly
Luca Gozzo£130£6,76017AM RLC, F CItaly

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Who is Frosinone's highest earner?

Gianluca Frabotta has the highest salary at Frosinone, earning £22,000 per week

What is Frosinone's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Frosinone total salary bill is £10,569,000 per year

What is Frosinone's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Frosinone total salary bill is £203,250 per week

What league do Frosinone's play in?

Frosinone play in the Serie A, the top division of football in Italy.

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