S.S. Lazio 2023 - Player Wages

S.S. Lazio have a total of 100 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ciro Immobile earning £123,000 per week.

S.S. Lazio play in the Serie A, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £60,533,200 per year
  • £1,164,100 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ciro Immobile£123,000£6,396,00032STItaly
Sergej Milinković-Savić£96,000£4,992,00027AM CSerbia
Alessio Romagnoli£95,000£4,940,00027D CItaly
Nicolò Casale£91,000£4,732,00024D CItaly
Luis Alberto£77,000£4,004,00029AM CSpain
Elseid Hysaj£63,000£3,276,00028D/WB RLAlbania
Mattia Zaccagni£60,000£3,120,00027AM LCItaly
Matías Vecino£57,000£2,964,00030DMUruguay
Pedro£52,000£2,704,00034AM RLCSpain
Felipe Anderson£49,000£2,548,00029AM RLBrazil
Manuel Lazzari£45,000£2,340,00028D/WB/M RItaly
Danilo Cataldi£45,000£2,340,00027DMItaly
Ştefan Radu£37,000£1,924,00035D LCRomania
Mohamed Fares£36,000£1,872,00026D/WB/AM LAlgeria
Ivan Provedel£32,000£1,664,00028GKItaly
Adam Marušić£31,000£1,612,00029D/WB RL, M RMontenegro
Patric£30,000£1,560,00029D CSpain
Toma Bašić£27,000£1,404,00025AM CCroatia
Luís Maximiano£21,000£1,092,00023GKPortugal
Matteo Cancellieri£20,000£1,040,00020AM R, STItaly
Marcos Antonio£18,000£936,00022DMBrazil
Dimitrije Kamenović£17,000£884,00021D LCSerbia
Mario Gila£10,000£520,00021D CSpain
Luka Romero£8,000£416,00017AM RLCArgentina
Marius Adamonis£2,900£150,80025GKLithuania
Marco Bertini£1,900£98,80019DMItaly
Andrea Marino£950£49,40021M CItaly
Enzo Adeagbo£680£35,36020D CSwitzerland
Larsson Coulibaly£640£33,28019DMIvory Coast
Romano Floriani£550£28,60019D/WB/M RItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Marco Muhammad Schuan£550£28,60019AM RL, STItaly
Gabriele Migliorati£460£23,92019D/WB RL, M RItaly
Fabio Andrea Ruggeri£440£22,88017D CItaly
Filip Jurczak£400£20,80018D CPoland
Valerio Marinacci£330£17,16019D/WB LItaly
Antonio Troise£220£11,44017DM, AM CItaly
Valerio Crespi£220£11,44017STItaly
Giordano Rossi£220£11,44018M CItaly
Robin Kane£220£11,44018D CEstonia
Saná Fernandes£220£11,44016AM RLPortugal
Diego Brasili£220£11,44017STItaly
Federico Magro£220£11,44017GKItaly
Alessandro Milani£220£11,44017D LItaly
Massil Adjaoudi£220£11,44019M CAlgeria
Marco Oliva£220£11,44017DMItaly
Simone Castigliani£220£11,44018AM RLC, F CItaly
Filippo Bedini£220£11,44018D/WB RItaly
Luca Napolitano£220£11,44018AM CItaly
Michele Bigonzoni£220£11,44018D/WB RLItaly
Giovanni Morsa£220£11,44018D CItaly
Daniele Quaresima£220£11,44018D LCItaly
Jordan Akwasingi£220£11,44017D CSwitzerland
Marco Nazzaro£220£11,44017DMItaly
Simone Mancini£220£11,44018DMItaly
Andrea Petta£220£11,44017D CItaly
Leonardo Felici£220£11,44018D/WB/M LItaly
Andrea Cannavaro£220£11,44017D CItaly
Daniele Di Porto£220£11,44017AM CItaly
Giordano Cannatelli£220£11,44017D/WB RItaly
Leonardo Di Tommaso£220£11,44017M CItaly
Giorgio Polidori£220£11,44017GKItaly
Marco Di Nunzio£220£11,44017AM/F CItaly
Antonio Campagna£220£11,44018M CItaly
William Milani£220£11,44018AM RL, STItaly
Ranjan Neelakandan£220£11,44017AM R, STItaly
Lorenzo Di Biagio£220£11,44017AM/F CItaly
Mario Giubrone£220£11,44016AM CItaly
Damiano Giranelli£220£11,44017D CItaly
Jacopo Sardo£220£11,44017M CItaly
Edoardo Della Salandra£220£11,44017STItaly
Matteo Casonato£220£11,44017D/WB RItaly
Gianluca Petrucci£220£11,44017D RCItaly
Andrea Rossi£220£11,44017AM RL, STItaly
Leon Di Venanzio£220£11,44017M CItaly
Simone Cantoni£220£11,44017STItaly
Matteo Dutu£220£11,44016D CItaly
Leonardo Martinelli£220£11,44017GKItaly
Matteo Zazza£220£11,44017D CItaly
Davide Renzetti£220£11,44016GKItaly
Massimo Bigotti£220£11,44016STItaly
Federico Serra£220£11,44016STItaly
Alessio Barone£220£11,44016D CItaly
Lorenzo Ferrari£220£11,44016AM RLItaly
Samuel Gningue£220£11,44016AM LItaly
Riccardo Menegon£220£11,44016AM RL, STItaly
Lorenzo Reddavide£220£11,44016AM/F CItaly
Edoardo Raffo£220£11,44016GKItaly
Gabriele Paolocci£220£11,44016DMItaly
Ivanoe Sessa£220£11,44016STItaly
Michele Ercoli£220£11,44016D LItaly
Marco Volpe£220£11,44016D RItaly
Kledi Marinaj£220£11,44016M CItaly
Iacopo Ierardi£220£11,44016GKItaly
Thomas Silvestri£220£11,44016M CItaly
Jacopo Stano£220£11,44016D CItaly
Nicolò Cesari£220£11,44016D CItaly
Tommaso Bordoni£220£11,44016D CItaly
Alessandro Ceccarelli£220£11,44016AM R, STItaly
Valerio Gelli£220£11,44016AM CItaly
Giuliano Aquilani£220£11,44016M CItaly

Who is S.S. Lazio's highest earner?

Ciro Immobile has the highest salary at S.S. Lazio, earning £123,000 per week

What is S.S. Lazio's yearly wage bill in 2023?

S.S. Lazio total salary bill is £60,533,200 per year

What is S.S. Lazio's monthly wage bill in 2023?

S.S. Lazio total salary bill is £1,164,100 per week

What league do S.S. Lazio's play in?

S.S. Lazio play in the Serie A, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

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