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Udinese - 2023 Player Wages

Udinese have a total of 81 players in their home squad. Udinese play in the Serie A, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

Udinese total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £23,794,160 per year
  • £457,580 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Florian Thauvin earning £40,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Florian Thauvin£40,000£2,080,00030AM RC, F CFrance
Gerard Deulofeu£33,000£1,716,00029AM RL, STSpain
Marco Silvestri£30,000£1,560,00032GKItaly
Adam Masina£22,000£1,144,00029D LCMorocco
Christian Kabasele£21,000£1,092,00032D CBelgium
Hassane Kamara£20,000£1,040,00029D/WB/AM LIvory Coast
João Ferreira£20,000£1,040,00022D/WB/M RPortugal
Isaac Success£19,000£988,00027AM LC, F CNigeria
Enzo Ebosse£19,000£988,00024D LCCameroon
Jaka Bijol£17,000£884,00024D CSlovenia
Roberto Pereyra£15,000£780,00032WB R, AM RCArgentina
Kingsley Ehizibue£15,000£780,00028D/WB/M RNigeria
Keinan Davis£15,000£780,00025STEngland
Martín Payero£14,000£728,00024AM CArgentina
Nehuén Pérez£13,000£676,00023D CArgentina
Sandi Lovrić£13,000£676,00025DM, AM CAustria
Maduka Okoye£10,000£520,00023GKNigeria
Jordan Zemura£8,100£421,20023D/WB LZimbabwe
Lazar Samardžić£8,000£416,00021AM CSerbia
Lorenzo Lucca£8,000£416,00022STItaly
Oier Zarraga£6,800£353,60024AM CSpain
Antonio Tikvić£6,500£338,00019D CCroatia
Domingos Quina£6,400£332,80023AM RLCPortugal
Daniele Padelli£6,400£332,80037GKItaly
Etienne Camara£5,300£275,60020DMFrance
Thomas Kristensen£4,600£239,20021D CDenmark
Festy Ebosele£4,300£223,60020D/WB/M RIreland
Marley Aké£2,900£150,80022AM RLFrance
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Marco Ballarini£2,900£150,80022D/WB R, M RCItaly
Simone Pafundi£2,600£135,20017AM RCItaly
Vivaldo Semedo£2,500£130,00018STPortugal
Axel Guessand£2,500£130,00018D LCFrance
Sekou Diawara£1,600£83,20019STBelgium
Raymond Asante£280£14,56019AM RLCGhana
David Pejičić£220£11,44016AM CSlovenia
Marco De Crescenzo£220£11,44018DM, M LCItaly
Diego Russo£220£11,44018AM RItaly
Bor Žunec£220£11,44018DMSlovenia
Luca Baricchio£220£11,44018M CItaly
Andrea Di Lazzaro£220£11,44018D/WB RItaly
Ardit Nuredini£220£11,44018D CAlbania
Shenol Demiroski£220£11,44017AM CNorth Macedonia
Alessandro Campanile£220£11,44018STItaly
Samuel John Nwachukwu£220£11,44017D CNigeria
Federico D'Emilio£220£11,44018STItaly
Federico Mosca£220£11,44017GKItaly
Gioele Olivo£220£11,44017D CItaly
Kleo Shpuza£220£11,44016D/M LAlbania
Riccardo Barbana£220£11,44017D CItaly
Denis Xhavara£220£11,44017AM LCAlbania
Davide Lazzaro£220£11,44017AM LItaly
Leonardo Cella£220£11,44017AM/F CItaly
Luca Bonin£220£11,44017STItaly
Andreas Panagiotakopoulos£220£11,44017AM LCGreece
Davide Vidoni£220£11,44016D CItaly
Elia Barbaro£220£11,44016M CItaly
Mattia Bozza£220£11,44016AM CItaly
Andrea Pio Cauti£220£11,44016D CItaly
Tommaso Dario£220£11,44017AM L, STItaly
Endris Scaramelli£220£11,44016M RItaly
Alessio Petris£220£11,44017M CItaly
Andrea Carretti£220£11,44017M CItaly
Joel Malusà£220£11,44016GKItaly
Francesco Polvar£220£11,44016D CItaly
Francesco Tedeschi£220£11,44016STItaly
Zaccaria Baiutti£220£11,44016D RItaly
Walid El Bouradi£220£11,44016AM RCMorocco
Luca Kristancig£220£11,44016GKItaly
Giulio Vinciati£220£11,44015STItaly
Filippo Rossi£220£11,44016AM CItaly
Nicolò Giust£220£11,44017GKItaly
Marco Colosetti£220£11,44016GKItaly
Simone Mardero£220£11,44016STItaly
Giulio Mosca£220£11,44015STItaly
Robert Owusu Frimpong£220£11,44017D RCGhana
Nicola Merlino£220£11,44017GKItaly
Jan Mutavcic£220£11,44015GKSlovenia
Mattia Varone£220£11,44017M CItaly
Matteo Corsa£220£11,44017D CItaly

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Who is Udinese's highest earner?

Florian Thauvin has the highest salary at Udinese, earning £40,000 per week

What is Udinese's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Udinese total salary bill is £23,794,160 per year

What is Udinese's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Udinese total salary bill is £457,580 per week

What league do Udinese's play in?

Udinese play in the Serie A, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

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