Monza 1912 2023 - Player Wages

Monza 1912 have a total of 96 players in their home squad. Monza 1912 play in the Serie A, the premier division of football in Italy.

Monza 1912 total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £32,160,960 per year
  • £618,480 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Stefano Sensi earning £59,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Stefano Sensi£59,000£3,068,00026DM, AM CItaly
Andrea Petagna£58,000£3,016,00027STItaly
Armando Izzo£55,000£2,860,00030D RCItaly
Pablo Marí£49,000£2,548,00028D CSpain
Alessio Cragno£34,000£1,768,00028GKItaly
Matteo Pessina£30,000£1,560,00025AM CItaly
Nicolò Rovella£30,000£1,560,00020DMItaly
Luca Caldirola£21,000£1,092,00031D LCItaly
Christian Gytkjær£21,000£1,092,00032STDenmark
Patrick Ciurria£20,000£1,040,00027WB R, AM RC, F CItaly
Andrea Barberis£18,000£936,00028DMItaly
Luca Marrone£18,000£936,00032D C, DMItaly
Andrea Carboni£16,000£832,00021D LCItaly
Samuele Birindelli£15,000£780,00022D/WB RItaly
Matteo Scozzarella£14,000£728,00034DMItaly
Gianluca Caprari£13,000£676,00028AM RLC, F CItaly
Michele Di Gregorio£13,000£676,00024GKItaly
Carlos Augusto£12,000£624,00023D LCBrazil
Marco D'Alessandro£11,000£572,00031WB/AM RLItaly
Gabriel Paletta£11,000£572,00036D CItaly
Mattia Valoti£10,000£520,00028AM CItaly
Valentin Antov£10,000£520,00021D C, DMBulgaria
Salvatore Molina£9,000£468,00030WB RL, M RLCItaly
Marlon£8,900£462,80026D CBrazil
Mirko Marić£8,900£462,80027AM/F CCroatia
Dany Mota£7,400£384,80024AM RL, STPortugal
Giulio Donati£6,200£322,40032D RCItaly
Antonis Siatounis£5,500£286,00019D C, DMGreece
Gabriele Ferrarini£5,200£270,40022D/WB/M RItaly
Andrea Colpani£3,500£182,00023DMItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ronaldo Camará£2,700£140,40019AM CPortugal
Alessandro Sorrentino£2,500£130,00020GKItaly
Eugenio Lamanna£2,300£119,60032GKItaly
Warren Bondo£1,400£72,80018AM CFrance
José Machín£1,100£57,20025AM CEq. Guinea
Nicola Rigoni£900£46,80031DMItaly
Filippo Ranocchia£710£36,92021DMItaly
Leonardo Dos Reis£680£35,36019AM L, STBrazil
Samuele Vignato£580£30,16018AM RC, F CItaly
Andrea Ferraris£400£20,80019AM RL, STItaly
Matteo La Torre£350£18,20019STItaly
Luca Prinelli£340£17,68019M CItaly
Tristan Hedman£260£13,52017AM RLSweden
Alessio Vacca£220£11,44017STItaly
Leonardo Colombo£220£11,44017D C, DMItaly
Edoardo Motta£220£11,44017GKItaly
Daniele Dell'Acqua£220£11,44017DMItaly
Alessandro Abbenante£220£11,44017D CItaly
Davide Cattaneo£220£11,44017AM LCItaly
Tommaso Marras£220£11,44018AM RItaly
Mattia Brugarello£220£11,44016M CItaly
Matteo Fuscaldo£220£11,44017GKItaly
Andrea Agostini£220£11,44017D/WB RItaly
Lorenzo Gallo£220£11,44016M CItaly
Andrea Sergio Mazza£220£11,44017GKItaly
Andrea Orlando£220£11,44017M LCItaly
Angelo De Crescenzo£220£11,44016AM CItaly
Carlo Formenti£220£11,44018D CItaly
Sheriff Kassama£220£11,44017D RCItaly
Yannis Bernardo Pala£220£11,44018GKSwitzerland
Lorenzo Arpino£220£11,44016DMItaly
Andrea Strada£220£11,44017STItaly
Saad El Haddad£220£11,44016STItaly
Filippo Canato£220£11,44018AM/F CItaly
Daniele Zucco£220£11,44016AM R, STItaly
Carlo Pedrazzini£220£11,44017D LCItaly
Gabriele Vergani£220£11,44017GKItaly
Mattia D'Aietti£220£11,44017D C, DMItaly
Luca Usardi£220£11,44017D RItaly
Francesco Raccosta£220£11,44016M CItaly
Michele Caccia£220£11,44017D CItaly
Shaban Kamberaj£220£11,44016STAlbania
Giacomo Giuseppe Speroni£220£11,44017M CItaly
Simone Ragusa£220£11,44016M CItaly
Nicholas Carlo Sironi£220£11,44017D CItaly
Luigi Eduardo Ferrandino£220£11,44016D/WB/M RItaly
Ernesto Francesco Greco£220£11,44017GKItaly
Alessandro Infantino£220£11,44016AM/F CItaly
Marco Fossati£220£11,44016D CItaly
Vittorio Di Vito£220£11,44017AM RL, STItaly
Côme Bianay£220£11,44016D/WB/AM LFrance
Abdoul Diallo£220£11,44017STItaly
Alessio Pezzella£220£11,44017D CItaly
Cristian Castoldi£220£11,44018M CItaly
Giuseppe La Vecchia£220£11,44017AM RCItaly
Lorenzo Perin£220£11,44017M CItaly
Tommaso Lupinetti£220£11,44017M CItaly
Ivan Cereghini£220£11,44017DMItaly
Mattia Malivindi£220£11,44017GKItaly
Tommaso Goffi£220£11,44018STItaly
Tommaso Gittini£220£11,44018M CItaly
Gianluca Raimondi£220£11,44016AM LItaly
Matteo Crivello£220£11,44017M CItaly
Mohamed Thiane£220£11,44016M CItaly
Niccolò Stampi£220£11,44017M CItaly
Alessandro Lamorte£220£11,44016M CItaly

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Who is Monza 1912's highest earner?

Stefano Sensi has the highest salary at Monza 1912, earning £59,000 per week

What is Monza 1912's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Monza 1912 total salary bill is £32,160,960 per year

What is Monza 1912's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Monza 1912 total salary bill is £618,480 per week

What league do Monza 1912's play in?

Monza 1912 play in the Serie A, the premier division of football in Italy.

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