Monza 1912 2021 - Player Wages

Monza 1912 have a total of 84 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Kevin-Prince Boateng earning £27,000 per week.

Monza 1912 play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £9,863,880 per year
  • £189,690 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kevin-Prince Boateng£27,000£1,404,00033AM (C), ST (C)Ghana
Federico Ricci£18,000£936,00026M (R), AM (RLC), ST (C)Italy
Antonino Barillà£15,000£780,00032DM, M (C)Italy
Davide Frattesi£12,000£624,00020DM, M (C)Italy
Matteo Scozzarella£10,000£520,00032DM, M (C)Italy
Marco D'Alessandro£10,000£520,00029WB/M/AM (RL)Italy
Michele Di Gregorio£9,000£468,00023GKItaly
Mario Balotelli£6,900£358,80029ST (C)Italy
Andrea Barberis£5,500£286,00026DM, M (C)Italy
Carlos Augusto (Carlos Augusto Zopalato Neves)£5,400£280,80021D/WB (L)Brazil
Christian Gytkjær£5,400£280,80030ST (C)Denmark
Davide Diaw£5,400£280,80028ST (C)Senegal
Eugenio Lamanna£5,300£275,60030GKItaly
Giuseppe Bellusci£5,200£270,40030D (C)Italy
Giulio Donati£5,200£270,40030D/WB (R)Italy
Gabriel Paletta£5,200£270,40034D (C)Italy
Marco Armellino£4,900£254,80030DM, M (RC)Italy
Mirko Maric£4,900£254,80025ST (C)Croatia
Mario Sampirisi£4,900£254,80027D (RLC), WB (RL)Italy
Andrea Colpani£3,500£182,00021DM, M (C)Italy
Daniele Sommariva£2,400£124,80023GKItaly
Lorenzo Pirola£2,000£104,00018D (C)Italy
Andrea D'Errico£1,500£78,00028M/AM (RLC)Italy
Armando Anastasio£1,500£78,00024D/WB/M (RL)Italy
Filippo Scaglia£925£48,10028D (C)Italy
Dany Mota£772£40,14422AM (RL), ST (C)Portugal
Mario Tocci£281£14,61217D (C)Italy
Benito Dragone£281£14,61217DM, M (C)Italy
Alessandro Riva£281£14,61217ST (C)Italy
Federico Donati Sarti£281£14,61217D (R)Italy
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Samuele Mento£281£14,61217ST (C)Italy
Gabriele Minotti£281£14,61217D (C)Italy
Gianluca Ravarelli£281£14,61217GKItaly
Danilo Magli£233£12,11618M (C)Italy
Elia Priori£233£12,11617GKItaly
Pietro Saio£233£12,11616D (C)Italy
Andrea Cella£233£12,11617GKItaly
Valentino Salducco£233£12,11616DM, M (C)Italy
Sabino Signorile£233£12,11618AM (RC)Italy
Davide Agliardi£233£12,11616ST (C)Italy
Giuseppe Amato£201£10,45217D (L)Italy
Matteo Cattaneo£201£10,45218D (RC)Italy
Andrea Parietti£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Thomas Castaldo£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Jacopo Fanelli£201£10,45216D/WB (L)Italy
Anxhelo Kojdheli£201£10,45216D (LC)Italy
Giuseppe Cusati£201£10,45217D (R)Italy
Edoardo Ciancio£201£10,45217GKItaly
Filippo Calabrò£201£10,45218DM, M (C)Italy
Simone Giosuè£201£10,45218D/WB/M (R)Italy
Andrea Battistelli£201£10,45216DM, M (R)Italy
Gabriele Folla£201£10,45217AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Francesco Majuri£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Luca Prinelli£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Stefano Rubbi£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Alessandro Falzoni£201£10,45218M (RC)Italy
Mattia Malivindi£201£10,45216GKItaly
Cristian Castoldi£201£10,45216M (C)Italy
Alessandro Abbenante£201£10,45215D (C)Italy
Mattia Riu£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Matteo Moracchioli£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Tommaso Bombino£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Giovanni Zito£201£10,45217M (C)Italy
Davide Savino£201£10,45218M (C)Italy
Ivan Cereghini£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Alessandro Dalmiglio£201£10,45218AM (L), ST (C)Italy
Andrea Robbiati£201£10,45218D (C), DM, M (C)Italy
Luigi Caccavo£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Andrea Pio Loco Boscariol£201£10,45218M (R)Italy
Matteo Latorre£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Lorenzo Perucchetti£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Loris Leone£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Lorenzo Calvanese£201£10,45216GKItaly
Flavio Dilernia£201£10,45216D (L)Italy
Alessandro Colio£201£10,45216ST (C)Italy
Edoardo Colferai£201£10,45218ST (C)Italy
Giorgio Caizza£201£10,45217D (C)Italy
Valerio Biscotti£201£10,45216D (RC)Italy
Saul Pucci£201£10,45218M/AM (RL)Italy
Leonardo Baggio£201£10,45216DM, M (C)Italy
Stefano Longo£201£10,45218ST (C)Italy
Filippo De Paoli£27£1,40418ST (C)Italy
Lorenzo Vallisa£27£1,40418DM, M (C)Italy
Stefano Luca Sala£0£018D (L)Italy

Who is Monza 1912's highest earner?

Kevin-Prince Boateng has the highest salary at Monza 1912, earning £27,000 per week

What is Monza 1912's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Monza 1912 total salary bill is £9,863,880 per year

What is Monza 1912's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Monza 1912 total salary bill is £189,690 per week

What league do Monza 1912's play in?

Monza 1912 play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

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