Aldosivi 2023 - Player Wages

Aldosivi have a total of 91 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Francisco Cerro earning £5,300 per week.

Aldosivi play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,924,440 per year
  • £75,470 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Francisco Cerro£5,300£275,60034DMArgentina
Ian Escobar£5,100£265,20026D/WB LArgentina
Braian Martínez£4,500£234,00022AM LArgentina
Ezequiel Schelotto£4,300£223,60033D/WB/M RItaly
José Devecchi£4,100£213,20027GKArgentina
Martín Cauteruccio£3,900£202,80035AM L, STUruguay
Tomás Martínez£3,600£187,20027AM CArgentina
Bautista Kociubinski£3,500£182,00021DMArgentina
Juan Manuel Cuesta£3,100£161,20020AM LC, F CColombia
Juan Pablo Gallego£3,100£161,20021AM CColombia
Leandro Maciel£3,000£156,00026DM, M RArgentina
Emanuel Iñíguez£2,300£119,60025D RCArgentina
Emanuel Maciel£2,300£119,60025DMArgentina
Jonathan Zacaría£2,100£109,20032D/WB/AM LArgentina
Javier Iritier£2,100£109,20027AM RLCArgentina
Marcelo Meli£1,900£98,80030DM, M RCArgentina
Matías Pisano£1,900£98,80030AM RCArgentina
Mario López Quintana£1,900£98,80027D RCParaguay
Patricio Boolsen£1,800£93,60024D CArgentina
Santiago Silva£1,600£83,20041STUruguay
Agustín Lastra£1,500£78,00021GKArgentina
Nicolás Valentini£920£47,84021D LCArgentina
Manuel Panaro£890£46,28020AM R, STArgentina
Jonathan Zárate£800£41,60023AM CArgentina
Joaquín Indacoechea£770£40,04021DM, M RCArgentina
Tomás Lecanda£760£39,52020D CArgentina
Luis Ingolotti£750£39,00022GKArgentina
Rufino Lucero£730£37,96020D RArgentina
Joel de Marco£720£37,44019D C, DMArgentina
Facundo Tobares£690£35,88022STArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Santiago Laquidain£630£32,76020D CArgentina
Elías Torres£620£32,24021STArgentina
Matías Morello£540£28,08021D C, DMArgentina
Elías Brítez£530£27,56021AM RArgentina
Uriel Ramírez Kloster£500£26,00022M CArgentina
Fernando Román£430£22,36023D LCParaguay
Tobías Cervera£410£21,32019STArgentina
Lucio Falasco£350£18,20018M RCArgentina
Matías Leiva£340£17,68021D RArgentina
Yoel Juárez£170£8,84020AM L, STArgentina
Sebastián Zeballos£20£1,04020STArgentina
Sebastián Lerena£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Facundo De La Vega£20£1,04019AM R, STArgentina
Brian Flament£20£1,04020M CArgentina
Uriel Olivieri£20£1,04020AM RCArgentina
Diego Luengo£20£1,04019M RCArgentina
Diego Avit£20£1,04019D/WB/M RArgentina
Mateo Ledesma£20£1,04019M RCArgentina
Valentín Melo£20£1,04019AM CArgentina
Ian Díaz Burgois£20£1,04020D LArgentina
Valentín Mancini£20£1,04019AM LCArgentina
Matías Zwicker£20£1,04018M LCArgentina
Samuel Rebollo£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Tomás Sposato£20£1,04019D LCArgentina
Franco Mier£20£1,04018AM LCArgentina
Agustín Villalba£20£1,04020GKArgentina
Juan Romero£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Juan Cruz Mascetti£20£1,04019D LArgentina
Hernán Zubillaga£20£1,04020AM LArgentina
Julián Rodríguez£20£1,04019D/WB LArgentina
Nicolás Peralta£20£1,04019D C, DMArgentina
Brando Spinetta£20£1,04019D/WB RArgentina
Braian Cos£20£1,04018AM CArgentina
Zadkiel Garrido£20£1,04018AM L, STArgentina
Matías Romanisio£20£1,04018GKArgentina
Rodrigo Novas£20£1,04020STArgentina
Tomás Hidalgo£20£1,04017AM RLArgentina
Fernando Villalba£20£1,04019M RArgentina
Gabriel Paredes£20£1,04018D/WB/M LArgentina
Elías Bacre£20£1,04019STArgentina
Jeremías Angeloni£20£1,04019M CArgentina
Benjamín Pedrosa£20£1,04020STArgentina
Facundo Pérez£20£1,04020D/WB RArgentina
Rodrigo Huanchuli£20£1,04020M CArgentina
Mateo Parin£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Francisco Mora Collado£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Tomás Fillol£20£1,04020STArgentina
Lautaro Ludueña£20£1,04018M CArgentina
Santino Basualdo£20£1,04018AM RLArgentina
Lucas Lazarte£20£1,04016STArgentina
Santiago Aragón£20£1,04020GKArgentina
Nikolas Díaz£20£1,04018STArgentina
Santino Ottaviano£20£1,04018DMArgentina
Joaquín Algañaraz£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Rodrigo Torres£20£1,04019D LCArgentina
Luciano Gallo£20£1,04018STUruguay
Mateo Sasso£20£1,04018AM RArgentina
Tobías Ferrari£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Mateo Villafaña£20£1,04018D C, DMArgentina
Lautaro Fernández£20£1,04018D LCArgentina
Karim Bermúdez£20£1,04018AM/F CArgentina

Who is Aldosivi's highest earner?

Francisco Cerro has the highest salary at Aldosivi, earning £5,300 per week

What is Aldosivi's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Aldosivi total salary bill is £3,924,440 per year

What is Aldosivi's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Aldosivi total salary bill is £75,470 per week

What league do Aldosivi's play in?

Aldosivi play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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