Club Atlético Aldosivi 2021 - Player Wages

Club Atlético Aldosivi have a total of 98 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Joel Carli earning £7,100 per week.

Club Atlético Aldosivi play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,799,848 per year
  • £73,074 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Joel Carli£7,100£369,20033D (C)Argentina
Gastón Gil Romero£6,200£322,40027DM, M (C)Argentina
Federico Andrada£5,300£275,60026AM (C), ST (C)Argentina
Jonathan Schunke£5,100£265,20033D (C)Argentina
Lucas Villalba£5,000£260,00025D/WB (L)Argentina
Francisco Grahl£3,300£171,60028M/AM (C), ST (C)Argentina
Felipe Rodríguez£3,300£171,60030AM (LC)Uruguay
Federico Milo£3,300£171,60028D/WB/M (L)Argentina
Luciano Pocrnjic£3,000£156,00038GKArgentina
Nahuel Yeri£2,900£150,80028D/WB (R), M (RC)Argentina
Pablo Becker£2,800£145,60027AM (RC), ST (C)Argentina
Rodrigo Contreras£2,700£140,40024ST (C)Argentina
Fabián Assmann£2,300£119,60034GKArgentina
Emanuel Iñíguez£2,300£119,60023D (RC), DMArgentina
Javier Iritier£2,100£109,20025M (RL), AM (RLC)Argentina
Jonathan Zacaría£2,100£109,20030D/WB/M/AM (L)Argentina
Leandro Maciel£2,000£104,00024DM, M (R)Argentina
Lautaro Rinaldi£2,000£104,00026ST (C)Argentina
Marcos Miers£1,900£98,80030D (LC)Paraguay
Matías Villarreal£1,900£98,80028DM, M (C)Argentina
Mario López Quintana£900£46,80025D (RC)Paraguay
Lucas Di Yorio£884£45,96823AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Franco Perinciolo£870£45,24023AM (LC), ST (C)Argentina
Joaquín Indacoechea£689£35,82819M (RC)Argentina
Franco Pérez£674£35,04821AM (LC)Argentina
Luis Ingolotti£669£34,78820GKArgentina
Facundo Tobares£625£32,50020ST (C)Argentina
Gonzalo López Labraña£494£25,68821AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Fernando Román£394£20,48821D/WB/M (L)Paraguay
Yoel Juárez£275£14,30018AM (L), ST (C)Argentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kevin De Nichilo£0£018D/WB/M (R)Argentina
Malcom Braida£0£023M (RL), AM (RLC)Argentina
Jerónimo Flores£0£021AM (LC)Argentina
Uriel Ramírez Kloster£0£020M (C)Argentina
Manuel Panaro£0£017AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Matías Morello£0£019M (RC)Argentina
Damián Galbán£0£020D (L)Argentina
Elías Torres£0£019ST (C)Argentina
Brandon Vargas£0£020AM (L)Argentina
Jonathan Zárate£0£021AM (C)Argentina
Agustín Villalba£0£018GKArgentina
Sebastián Lerena£0£017GKArgentina
Tomás Ludueña£0£020M (R)Argentina
Uriel Olivieri£0£018AM (RC)Argentina
Agustín Berthon£0£019AM (LC)Argentina
Valentín Melo£0£017AM (C)Argentina
Emiliano Ferrer£0£019GKArgentina
Zadkiel Garrido£0£016AM (L), ST (C)Argentina
Maximiliano Guerra£0£018M (C)Argentina
Tobías Cervera£0£017ST (C)Argentina
Lautaro Espíndola£0£018M/AM (C)Argentina
Adrián Vera£0£019GKArgentina
Rodrigo Garro£0£019AM (LC)Argentina
Agustín Cejas£0£020AM (C), ST (C)Argentina
Joaquín Giménez£0£020M/AM (R)Argentina
José Albornoz£0£019M/AM (L)Argentina
Santiago Laquidain£0£018D (C)Argentina
Manuel Márquez£0£020AM (C)Argentina
Pablo Sánchez£0£022M (R)Argentina
Santiago Vallina£0£020D (R)Argentina
Karim Jurjo£0£020M/AM (R)Argentina
Luchino Giuntini£0£021D (C)Argentina
Tomás Loscalzo£0£020D/AM (R)Argentina
Alan Gadea£0£018AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Joel De Marco£0£017M (C)Argentina
Elías Bacre£0£017ST (C)Argentina
Hernán Zubillaga£0£018M/AM (L)Argentina
Quimey Mostafá£0£018M (RC)Argentina
Bautista Nazutti£0£019M/AM (R)Argentina
Estanislao Silva£0£018D (C)Argentina
Facundo Hojman£0£017ST (C)Argentina
Juan Romero£0£017D (C)Argentina
Nicolás Maltisotto£0£020DM, M (C)Argentina
Santiago Valdez£0£019DMArgentina
Tomás Pérez Pinto£0£020GKArgentina
Nehuén Huanchuli£0£018M (C)Argentina
Bautista Gende£0£021ST (C)Argentina
Matías Romanisio£0£016GKArgentina
Matías Leiva£0£019D (R)Argentina
Jeremías Angeloni£0£017M (C)Argentina
Julián Rodríguez£0£017D/WB (L)Argentina
Jeremías Lucero£0£016D (C)Argentina
Franco Meza£0£017D (RC)Argentina
José Izquierdo£0£016AM (C), ST (C)Argentina
Emiliano Rodríguez£0£019D (C)Argentina
Juan Ignacio Hernández£0£020D (C)Argentina
Agustín Calvento£0£019D (L)Argentina
Mateo Stutz£0£019D (L)Argentina
Agustín Velasco£0£019D (L)Argentina
Matías Zwicker£0£016M (LC)Argentina
Agustín Colantonio£0£019D (C)Argentina
Santiago Aragón£0£017GKArgentina
Mateo Zarlenga£0£017D (C)Argentina
Mateo Sasso£0£016AM (R)Argentina
Mateo Parin£0£017GKArgentina
Mateo Rinaldi£0£020D (LC)Argentina
Rodrigo Torres£0£017D (LC)Argentina
Santino Basualdo£0£016AM (RL)Argentina

Who is Club Atlético Aldosivi's highest earner?

Joel Carli has the highest salary at Club Atlético Aldosivi, earning £7,100 per week

What is Club Atlético Aldosivi's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Club Atlético Aldosivi total salary bill is £3,799,848 per year

What is Club Atlético Aldosivi's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Club Atlético Aldosivi total salary bill is £73,074 per week

What league do Club Atlético Aldosivi's play in?

Club Atlético Aldosivi play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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