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Godoy Cruz - 2023 Player Wages

Godoy Cruz have a total of 85 players in their home squad. Godoy Cruz play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

Godoy Cruz total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £2,291,120 per year
  • £44,060 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Diego Rodríguez earning £5,400 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Diego Rodríguez£5,400£280,80034GKArgentina
Salomón Rodríguez£4,600£239,20023STUruguay
Hernán López Muñoz£3,200£166,40022AM RLCArgentina
Pier Barrios£2,800£145,60033D RCArgentina
Federico Rasmussen£2,300£119,60031D LCArgentina
Gianluca Ferrari£2,200£114,40026D RCArgentina
Juan Andrada£2,100£109,20028DMArgentina
Nicolás Fernández£1,900£98,80025DM, AM RLCUruguay
Tadeo Allende£1,600£83,20024AM RL, STArgentina
Tomás Conechny£1,600£83,20025AM LC, F CArgentina
Thomas Galdames£1,600£83,20024D LCChile
Bruno Leyes£1,500£78,00021DMArgentina
Braian Salvareschi£1,500£78,00024D CArgentina
Elías Pereyra£1,300£67,60024D/WB LArgentina
Lucas Arce£880£45,76025D/WB RArgentina
Enzo Gaggi£880£45,76025AM RCArgentina
Daniel Barrea£820£42,64021STArgentina
Cristian Núñez£780£40,56025DMParaguay
Enzo Larrosa£740£38,48022AM/F CUruguay
Rodrigo Saracho£700£36,40029GKArgentina
Julián Eseiza£550£28,60021D/WB/M LArgentina
Martín Luciano£480£24,96019D LArgentina
Brian Prado£470£24,44024GKArgentina
Nahuel Ulariaga£420£21,84021AM R, STArgentina
Gastón Pedernera£390£20,28022AM LArgentina
Facundo Altamira£390£20,28021AM RLArgentina
Luciano Cingolani£360£18,72022AM RLArgentina
Agustín Valverde£290£15,08021D/WB R, M RCArgentina
Matías Soria£290£15,08021GKU.S.A.
Manuel Guillén£280£14,56021D/WB RArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Edilson Salinas£240£12,48020GKArgentina
Luciano Pascual£150£7,80019AM CArgentina
Lucio Falasco£140£7,28019AM RCArgentina
Damián Parejas£120£6,24021D/WB RArgentina
Tomás Almonaci£90£4,68019AM LArgentina
Agustín Villalobos£20£1,04020AM CArgentina
Julián Encinas£20£1,04019D/WB RArgentina
Enzo Rivamar£20£1,04020AM RL, STArgentina
Leandro Soria£20£1,04018AM RL, STU.S.A.
Mateo Mendoza£20£1,04018D RCArgentina
Guillermo Rivas£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Joaquín Brizuela£20£1,04018AM RL, STArgentina
Gonzalo Quinteros£20£1,04019D C, DMArgentina
Lucio Cruceño£20£1,04017D/WB RArgentina
Nicolás Canela£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Natan Navarro£20£1,04018M RCArgentina
Exequiel Tejada£20£1,04018AM CArgentina
Luciano Romano£20£1,04017AM RLCArgentina
Damian Barraco£20£1,04019D/WB LArgentina
Marcos Narvaez£20£1,04018D CArgentina
Alejo Sperdutti£20£1,04017AM CArgentina
Facundo Márquez£20£1,04019D/WB RArgentina
Lautaro Porres£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Tomás Menegon£20£1,04018M RCArgentina
Bruno Scandella£20£1,04017WB LArgentina
Pedro Paillalef£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Jerónimo Gutiérrez£20£1,04017GKArgentina
Juan Morán£20£1,04016D/WB LArgentina
Matías Alvarez£20£1,04019D RCArgentina
Franco Geroli£20£1,04018D/WB LArgentina
Mauricio Di Gubio£20£1,04018AM R, STArgentina
Ismael Aguilera£20£1,04019D C, DMArgentina
Bautista Carrión£20£1,04019AM RLArgentina
Ramiro Pacheco£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Jano Minor£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Martín Leiva£20£1,04020DMArgentina
Valentin Mercado£20£1,04019D/WB RArgentina
Joaquín López£20£1,04016M CArgentina
Enzo Briones£20£1,04019AM RLArgentina
Lautaro Culasso£20£1,04018D CArgentina
Oscar Gonzalez£20£1,04017STArgentina
Lautaro Rivarola£20£1,04017M CArgentina
Ulises Agüero£20£1,04019D/WB LArgentina
Santino Andino£20£1,04017AM RLArgentina
Gustavo Gutierre£20£1,04020DM, M RCArgentina
Santino Real£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Tiago Barrionuevo£20£1,04018AM LCArgentina
Michael Soto£20£1,04020STArgentina
Mauro Arias£20£1,04019STArgentina
Lautaro Vázquez£20£1,04018AM RArgentina
Nicolás Olivares£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Franco Saucedo£20£1,04019M CArgentina
Brandon Cuello£20£1,04019AM RLArgentina
Teo Merlo£20£1,04017GKArgentina
Máximo Tabuchi£20£1,04017GKArgentina

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Who is Godoy Cruz's highest earner?

Diego Rodríguez has the highest salary at Godoy Cruz, earning £5,400 per week

What is Godoy Cruz's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Godoy Cruz total salary bill is £2,291,120 per year

What is Godoy Cruz's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Godoy Cruz total salary bill is £44,060 per week

What league do Godoy Cruz's play in?

Godoy Cruz play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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