Godoy Cruz 2021 - Player Wages

Godoy Cruz have a total of 61 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Santiago García earning £7,600 per week.

Godoy Cruz play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,592,044 per year
  • £49,847 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Santiago García£7,600£395,20029STUruguay
Danilo Ortiz£4,400£228,80027DParaguay
Wilder Cartagena£4,400£228,80025DM, MPeru
Damián Pérez£3,400£176,80031D/WBArgentina
Gabriel Alanís£3,200£166,40026M/AMArgentina
Nelson Ibáñez£2,900£150,80039GKArgentina
Marcelo Herrera£2,900£150,80028DArgentina
Fabián Henríquez£2,300£119,60025MArgentina
Hugo Silva£2,200£114,40028D/WBArgentina
Jalil Elías£2,100£109,20024D, DM, MArgentina
Juan Andrada£2,100£109,20025DMArgentina
Roberto Ramírez£1,700£88,40024GKArgentina
Renzo Tesuri£1,700£88,40024M/AMArgentina
Victorio Ramis£1,500£78,00026M, AM, STArgentina
Gonzalo Goñi£1,031£53,61221DArgentina
Tomás Badaloni£810£42,12020STArgentina
Juan Cruz Bolado£754£39,20823GKArgentina
Alan Cantero£703£36,55622AM, STArgentina
Sebastián Lomónaco£693£36,03621AM, STArgentina
Agustín Manzur£604£31,40819M, AMArgentina
Ezequiel Bullaude£553£28,75619MArgentina
Valentin Burgoa£545£28,34019AMArgentina
Gonzalo Abrego£500£26,00020MArgentina
Luciano Pizarro£492£25,58423MArgentina
Zaid Romero£482£25,06420DArgentina
Martín Ojeda£280£14,56021M, AMArgentina
Iván Smith£0£020MArgentina
Nahuel Ulariaga£0£018AM, STArgentina
Gianluca Ferrari£0£023DArgentina
Gabriel Carrasco£0£023D/WB, DMArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ian Escobar£0£024D/WBArgentina
Julián Forquera£0£020STArgentina
Emiliano Guyet£0£020MArgentina
Franco González£0£021DM, MArgentina
Julián García£0£020M, AMArgentina
Pablo Peña£0£021DArgentina
Brian Prado£0£021GKArgentina
Leonel González£0£026DArgentina
Tomás Carrión£0£019M/AMArgentina
Daniel Molina£0£020M, AMArgentina
Mario Galeano£0£019STArgentina
Matías Soria£0£018GKU.S.A.
Bautista Aldunate£0£018DArgentina
Matías González£0£021AMArgentina
Agustín Álvarez£0£020DArgentina
Brandon Cuello£0£016AMArgentina
Gastón Pedernera£0£019AMArgentina
Nahuel Brunet£0£020DArgentina
Gianluca Conforti£0£021DArgentina
Mauro Arias£0£016STArgentina
Emiliano Borgia£0£020M, AMArgentina
Gianluca Albano£0£021GKArgentina
Agustín Ferro£0£020STArgentina
Bruno Leyes£0£018MArgentina
Franco Saucedo£0£016MArgentina
Facundo Rodríguez£0£020DArgentina
Ismael Cortez£0£020DArgentina
Gastón Arturia£0£020DArgentina
Pablo Toani£0£019GKArgentina
Mirko Vivas£0£017DArgentina
Nicolás Olivares£0£016DArgentina

Who is Godoy Cruz's highest earner?

Santiago García has the highest salary at Godoy Cruz, earning £7,600 per week

What is Godoy Cruz's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Godoy Cruz total salary bill is £2,592,044 per year

What is Godoy Cruz's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Godoy Cruz total salary bill is £49,847 per week

What league do Godoy Cruz's play in?

Godoy Cruz play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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