Defensa y Justicia 2023 - Player Wages

Defensa y Justicia have a total of 85 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Alexis Soto earning £14,000 per week.

Defensa y Justicia play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,837,000 per year
  • £112,250 per week

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Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alexis Soto£14,000£728,00028D LCArgentina
Cristian Ortiz£8,400£436,80029AM RCArgentina
Nicolás Fernández£7,900£410,80026AM L, STArgentina
Tomás Galván£5,600£291,20022AM LCArgentina
Andrés Ríos£5,500£286,00032AM/F CArgentina
Ezequiel Unsain£5,300£275,60027GKArgentina
Gastón Togni£5,200£270,40024WB/AM LArgentina
Lucas Albertengo£5,000£260,00031STArgentina
Nicolás Tripichio£4,900£254,80026D RC, M RArgentina
Tomás Cardona£4,600£239,20026D CArgentina
Agustín Fontana£4,500£234,00026STArgentina
Brahian Cuello£3,500£182,00024AM RLArgentina
Fabricio Domínguez£3,300£171,60024WB R, AM RCUruguay
Gabriel Alanís£3,200£166,40028WB/AM LArgentina
Lucas Souto£3,000£156,00023D/WB RLArgentina
Nazareno Colombo£2,900£150,80023D RCArgentina
Manuel Duarte£2,900£150,80020AM LCArgentina
Nicolás Zalazar£2,900£150,80025D CArgentina
Hugo Silva£2,200£114,40030D/WB RArgentina
Julián López£2,100£109,20022DM, M RCArgentina
Leandro Otormín£2,000£104,00025AM R, STUruguay
Tomás Escalante£1,600£83,20023WB R, M RCArgentina
Adonis Frías£1,500£78,00024D CArgentina
Hernán Zuliani£1,200£62,40019D LCArgentina
Gabriel Altamirano£1,030£53,56021DMArgentina
Kevin Gutiérrez£1,000£52,00025DMArgentina
Lautaro Amadé£1,000£52,00022GKArgentina
Mirko Pagani£970£50,44020GKArgentina
Alan Morinigo£760£39,52016D LArgentina
Marcos Peano£730£37,96023GKArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Agustín Maidana£710£36,92020AM CArgentina
Samuel Lucero£530£27,56016D C, DMArgentina
Valentín Massara£500£26,00020GKArgentina
Nazareno Ferreyra£420£21,84022GKArgentina
Federico Versaci£400£20,80020AM RLCArgentina
Tomás Sives£20£1,04018AM RCArgentina
Facundo Echevarría£20£1,04019STArgentina
Francisco Marco£20£1,04019D LCArgentina
Maximiliano Solari£20£1,04020AM/F CArgentina
Walter Chávez£20£1,04020D LArgentina
Thiago Schiavulli£20£1,04018D RC, DMArgentina
Nicolás Genés Rodas£20£1,04020DM, M RCArgentina
Tomás Cuscueta£20£1,04020DMArgentina
Luciano Miño£20£1,04020AM CArgentina
Ezequiel Cannavo£20£1,04020D RArgentina
Nahuel Cantero£20£1,04018STArgentina
Benjamín Schamine£20£1,04018STArgentina
Uriel Mormando£20£1,04019AM RLArgentina
Ricardo Solbes£20£1,04016STArgentina
Facundo Cozzi£20£1,04020D LCArgentina
Matías Gill£20£1,04020D RCArgentina
Gonzalo Gill£20£1,04020D LCArgentina
Facundo Romero£20£1,04020M CArgentina
Ramiro Silva£20£1,04017AM L, STArgentina
Ulises Sandoval£20£1,04018AM CArgentina
Danilo Ruiz Díaz£20£1,04019STArgentina
Ramiro Pávez£20£1,04018STArgentina
Mariano Villa£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Lautaro Vargas£20£1,04017D/WB/AM RArgentina
Axel Gómez£20£1,04018AM LArgentina
Martín Pérez£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Thomás Romero£20£1,04017M CArgentina
Kevin Báez£20£1,04019D/WB RArgentina
Juan Estrada£20£1,04019D LArgentina
Esteban Lucero£20£1,04016D CArgentina
Felipe Echenique£20£1,04016AM CArgentina
Ariel Romaniuk£20£1,04017STArgentina
Lucas Batista£20£1,04018DMArgentina
Facundo de los Santos£20£1,04020D CArgentina
Sebastián Anríquez£20£1,04018D R, M RCArgentina
Thomas Oliveri£20£1,04018STArgentina
Thiago Amoroso£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Agustín Jara£20£1,04018STArgentina
Lucas Bardella£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Lorenzo Brun£20£1,04017M CArgentina
Juan Leoncini£20£1,04017STArgentina
Facundo Odello£20£1,04019D LArgentina
Alex Le Bellot£20£1,04018STArgentina
Sebastián Albarracín£20£1,04018M RCArgentina
Arian Castillo£20£1,04018D LArgentina
Lautaro Giménez£20£1,04016D CArgentina
Pablo López£20£1,04016D CArgentina
Genaro Barrionuevo£20£1,04016AM RArgentina
Joaquín Cabrera£20£1,04018AM CArgentina
Ramiro Gerk£20£1,04017STArgentina

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Who is Defensa y Justicia's highest earner?

Alexis Soto has the highest salary at Defensa y Justicia, earning £14,000 per week

What is Defensa y Justicia's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Defensa y Justicia total salary bill is £5,837,000 per year

What is Defensa y Justicia's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Defensa y Justicia total salary bill is £112,250 per week

What league do Defensa y Justicia's play in?

Defensa y Justicia play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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