Independiente 2023 - Player Wages

Independiente have a total of 74 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Lucas Romero earning £23,000 per week.

Independiente play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £8,841,560 per year
  • £170,030 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lucas Romero£23,000£1,196,00028DMArgentina
Iván Marcone£13,000£676,00032DMArgentina
Juan Cazares£12,000£624,00030AM RLCEcuador
Leandro Fernández£10,000£520,00031STArgentina
Joaquín Laso£10,000£520,00032D RCArgentina
Facundo Ferreyra£9,300£483,60031STArgentina
Damián Batallini£8,400£436,80026AM RLArgentina
Sebastián Sosa£7,600£395,20035GKUruguay
Tomás Pozzo£7,600£395,20021AM RLCArgentina
Juan Manuel Insaurralde£6,100£317,20037D CArgentina
Alex Vigo£5,500£286,00023D/WB RArgentina
Gonzalo Asis£5,200£270,40026D/WB RArgentina
Milton Álvarez£4,900£254,80033GKArgentina
Alan Soñora£4,500£234,00023AM CU.S.A.
Edgar Elizalde£3,300£171,60022D LCUruguay
Julián Romero£3,100£161,20018STArgentina
Juan Pacchini£3,100£161,20022DMArgentina
Lucas González£3,000£156,00022M CArgentina
Leandro Benegas£3,000£156,00033STArgentina
Lucas Rodríguez£3,000£156,00028D/WB LArgentina
Sergio Barreto£2,600£135,20023D CArgentina
Diego Segovia£2,400£124,80022GKUruguay
Gabriel Hachen£2,200£114,40031AM LCArgentina
Justo D'Angelo£2,100£109,20021DMArgentina
Santiago Hidalgo£1,600£83,20017STArgentina
Fernando Da Rosa£1,300£67,60021AM CArgentina
Ignacio Medina£1,100£57,20021AM CArgentina
Nicolás Vallejo£950£49,40018STArgentina
Matías Sosa Ugolini£900£46,80020DMArgentina
Mauricio Espíndola£880£45,76021AM RCArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Patricio Ostachuk£800£41,60022D C, M RCArgentina
Manuel Tasso£800£41,60021GKArgentina
Joaquín Leites£780£40,56021D C, DMArgentina
Martín González£720£37,44021D RCArgentina
Rodrigo Márquez£700£36,40020AM RL, STArgentina
Renzo Bacchia£700£36,40023GKUruguay
Nicolás Scarpa£610£31,72021STArgentina
Sergio Ortíz£600£31,20021DMArgentina
Santiago Velásquez£600£31,20021D CArgentina
Juan Román Zarza£530£27,56020AM RL, STArgentina
Santiago Ayala£460£23,92020STArgentina
Thiago Mastrolorenzo£350£18,20017AM CArgentina
Juan Manuel Martín£130£6,76018DMUruguay
Ramiro Lobo£20£1,04020AM CArgentina
Tomás Rambert£20£1,04018AM LArgentina
Axel Poza£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Agustín Quiroga£20£1,04020D LCArgentina
Rodrigo Atencio£20£1,04020AM CArgentina
Pablo González Soriano£20£1,04020D/WB R, DMArgentina
Axel Busto£20£1,04020D/AM RArgentina
Rodrigo Soria£20£1,04019GKArgentina
Joel González£20£1,04019STArgentina
Enzo Franco£20£1,04018D CArgentina
Jonathan De Irastorza£20£1,04016D LArgentina
Diego Tarzia£20£1,04019M LArgentina
Juan Cruz Martins£20£1,04020STArgentina
Octavio Martínez£20£1,04019AM CArgentina
Bernardo Lorenzetti£20£1,04018STArgentina
Patricio Sabio£20£1,04020D RArgentina
Facundo Osvaldo£20£1,04019STArgentina
Mateo Alberca£20£1,04018D CArgentina
Ismael Cabrera£20£1,04017M RArgentina
Agustín Lemos£20£1,04020M RLArgentina
Alan Laprida£20£1,04017AM CArgentina
Iván Cabrera£20£1,04019M CArgentina
Facundo Gómez£20£1,04020D CArgentina
Facundo Rivero£20£1,04019D LArgentina
Juan Freyre£20£1,04020AM R, STArgentina
Mateo Tappero£20£1,04018AM RArgentina
Diego Pagella£20£1,04018D LCArgentina
Tiago Kurrle£20£1,04018D RCArgentina
Thiago Benítez Machuca£20£1,04018AM/F CArgentina
Leandro Barrera£20£1,04020D RArgentina
Valentín Tapia£20£1,04019M RArgentina

Who is Independiente's highest earner?

Lucas Romero has the highest salary at Independiente, earning £23,000 per week

What is Independiente's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Independiente total salary bill is £8,841,560 per year

What is Independiente's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Independiente total salary bill is £170,030 per week

What league do Independiente's play in?

Independiente play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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