Club Atlético Huracán 2021 - Player Wages

Club Atlético Huracán have a total of 91 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Andrés Chávez earning £8,500 per week.

Club Atlético Huracán play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,687,528 per year
  • £70,914 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Andrés Chávez£8,500£442,00029AM (L), ST (C)Argentina
Esteban Rolón£7,300£379,60025DM, M (C)Argentina
Renato Civelli£5,700£296,40036D (C)Argentina
Saúl Salcedo£5,600£291,20022D (C)Paraguay
Juan Fernando Garro£4,100£213,20027AM (RL), ST (C)Argentina
Leandro Grimi£4,000£208,00035D (LC)Argentina
Diego Mendoza£3,400£176,80027ST (C)Argentina
Fernando Coniglio£3,300£171,60028ST (C)Argentina
Lucas Merolla£3,000£156,00025D (C)Argentina
Norberto Briasco£2,900£150,80024AM (RL), ST (C)Argentina
Patricio Toranzo£2,800£145,60038M (RC)Argentina
Ezequiel Bonifacio£2,300£119,60026D/WB (R)Argentina
Joaquín Mendive£2,100£109,20023GKArgentina
Agustín Casco£1,500£78,00023D (L), AM (RLC)Argentina
Walter Pérez£1,400£72,80021D/M (LC)Argentina
Diego Mercado£1,400£72,80023DMArgentina
Federico Marín£1,300£67,60022DM, M (C)Argentina
César Ibáñez£1,059£55,06821D (L)Argentina
Agustín Curruhinca£935£48,62020AM (RL), ST (C)Argentina
Nicolás Cordero£900£46,80021ST (C)Argentina
Cristian Núñez£890£46,28019AM (RL), ST (C)Paraguay
Braian Maidana£885£46,02021AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Sebastián Ramírez£788£40,97619M (C), AM (RLC)Argentina
Ezequiel Navarro£753£39,15619D (RC)Argentina
Santiago Hezze£600£31,20018DM, M (C)Argentina
Franco Romero£555£28,86023M (L), AM (LC)Argentina
Iván Tierno£487£25,32420DMArgentina
Rafael Ferrario£444£23,08820GKArgentina
Rodrigo Cabral£432£22,46419AM (RL), ST (C)Argentina
Lucas Valente£393£20,43622D (R), DM, M (C)Argentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Joaquín Vignati£350£18,20020D (L), DMArgentina
Sebastián Meza£293£15,23620GKArgentina
Pablo Oro£285£14,82017ST (C)Argentina
Kevin Denis£170£8,84020DM, M (C)Argentina
Santiago Luján£95£4,94018AM (RC), ST (C)Argentina
Facundo Cambeses£0£023GKArgentina
Lautaro Calderón£0£021AM (RLC)Argentina
Jonathan Barijho£0£020ST (C)Argentina
Franco Estrada£0£021D (R)Argentina
Mauro Smarra£0£021M/AM (R)Argentina
Gastón Gamboa£0£019AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Franco Mesa£0£017ST (C)Argentina
Raúl Lozano£0£022D/WB (R)Argentina
Yair Abraham£0£019ST (C)Argentina
Ignacio Rodríguez£0£021M/AM (L)Argentina
Adrián Arregui£0£027DM, M (C)Argentina
Franco Cristaldo£0£023M (RL)Argentina
Jonathan Mendieta£0£020D/M (R)Argentina
Andrés Britez£0£016D (L)Argentina
Gianluca Scalcione£0£020D (C), DMArgentina
Matías Polvera£0£019ST (C)Argentina
Agustín Minnicelli£0£020D (C)Argentina
Brian Fenoglio£0£019AM (C)Argentina
Alexis Dulón£0£017AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Lucas Yake£0£016ST (C)Argentina
Leonel Martens£0£021ST (C)Argentina
Gianluca Logiovane£0£020D (R)Argentina
Leandro Giménez£0£015D/WB/M (R)Argentina
Santiago Ghirardi£0£019D (L)Argentina
Antonio Serrudo£0£019M/AM (C)Argentina
Juan Manuel Arias£0£021M/AM (C)Argentina
Iván Valenzuela£0£019D/M (R)Argentina
Jonathan Giménez£0£016M/AM (C)Argentina
Matías Forlano£0£018AM (RLC)Argentina
Mauro Villar£0£019D (C)Argentina
Francisco Belizán£0£019AM (C)Argentina
Marcos Benítez£0£021M/AM (C)Argentina
Joel Dos Santos£0£020D (L)Argentina
Patricio Pizarro£0£020D (C)Argentina
Juan Gauto£0£016AM (RL), ST (C)Argentina
Valentín Sánchez£0£018AM (RC)Argentina
Leonardo Paulina£0£017D (C)Argentina
Mariano Ríos£0£019AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Rodrigo Campos£0£019DMArgentina
Rodrigo Novas£0£018ST (C)Argentina
Joaquín Ott£0£020DMArgentina
Agostino Spina£0£018DM, M (RC)Argentina
Miqueas Amaya£0£017M/AM (R)Argentina
Nicolás Calgaro£0£017D (L)Argentina
Leandro Figueredo£0£017DMArgentina
Juan Porco£0£017GKArgentina
Agustín Bernardi£0£018D/M (R)Argentina
Eduardo Melo£0£017D (C)Argentina
Nicolás Serrano£0£017D/M (L)Argentina
Lautaro Abregú£0£019AM (C), ST (C)Argentina
Lautaro Szchur£0£018GKArgentina
Michael Sambataro£0£017D/WB/M/AM (L)Argentina
Juan Rodríguez£0£016GKArgentina
Lionel Ybañez£0£016M (L)Argentina
Lucas Medina£0£017D (L)Argentina
Tomás Tello£0£018GKArgentina

Who is Club Atlético Huracán's highest earner?

Andrés Chávez has the highest salary at Club Atlético Huracán, earning £8,500 per week

What is Club Atlético Huracán's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Club Atlético Huracán total salary bill is £3,687,528 per year

What is Club Atlético Huracán's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Club Atlético Huracán total salary bill is £70,914 per week

What league do Club Atlético Huracán's play in?

Club Atlético Huracán play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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