Club Atlético Lanús 2021 - Player Wages

Club Atlético Lanús have a total of 83 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Lautaro Acosta earning £18,000 per week.

Club Atlético Lanús play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £7,327,320 per year
  • £140,910 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lautaro Acosta£18,000£936,00032M/AM (RL)Argentina
Fernando Belluschi£16,000£832,00036M/AM (C)Argentina
José Sand£14,000£728,00040ST (C)Argentina
Facundo Quignón£12,000£624,00027DM, M (C)Argentina
Guillermo Burdisso£8,200£426,40031D (C)Argentina
José Luis Gómez£8,100£421,20026D/WB (RL), M (R)Argentina
Leonel Di Placido£8,000£416,00026D/WB/M (R)Argentina
Alexis Pérez£7,500£390,00026D (LC)Colombia
Lucas Acosta£6,000£312,00025GKArgentina
Nicolás Orsini£4,900£254,80025ST (C)Argentina
Nicolás Morgantini£4,900£254,80025D/WB (R)Argentina
Lucas Vera£4,000£208,00023DM, M (C), AM (R)Argentina
Tomás Belmonte£3,600£187,20022DM, M (C)Argentina
Gastón Lodico£3,200£166,40022M (L), AM (LC)Argentina
Pedro De La Vega£2,800£145,60019AM (RL), ST (C)Argentina
Alexander Bernabéi£2,500£130,00019D/WB/M/AM (L)Argentina
Cristian Nuñez£2,400£124,80022DMParaguay
Facundo Pérez£2,300£119,60020M (RC)Argentina
Lautaro Morales£2,000£104,00020GKArgentina
Nicolás Thaller£1,900£98,80021D (C)Argentina
Ousmane Ndong£1,800£93,60020D (C)Senegal
Enzo Ortiz£1,300£67,60023D (C)Argentina
Patricio Núñez£948£49,29621AM (C)Argentina
Matías Pérez£915£47,58020D (C)Argentina
Matías Esquivel£900£46,80021M (LC)Argentina
Gonzalo Torres£830£43,16020AM (R)Argentina
Franco Orozco£573£29,79618AM (L), ST (C)Argentina
Kevin Benítez£511£26,57218D (C)Argentina
Franco Ortellado£419£21,78819D (C)Argentina
Norman Díaz£414£21,52820ST (C)Argentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Matías Flores£0£019M (L)Argentina
Braian Aguirre£0£019D (R)Argentina
Ousseynou Tall£0£018ST (C)Senegal
Kevin Lomónaco£0£018D (C)Argentina
Enzo Espinoza Barreto£0£019M/AM (R)Argentina
Ignacio Cechi£0£019AM (C)Argentina
Rocco Ríos Novo£0£018GKArgentina
Patricio Albornoz£0£020GKArgentina
Emiliano Gómez£0£016AM (R)Argentina
Francisco Espinoza Barreto£0£020D (C)Argentina
Gonzalo Casazza£0£021D (L)Argentina
Juan Pablo Krilanovich£0£018AM (RL)Argentina
Gonzalo Ramírez£0£019D (RC)Argentina
Elías Brítez£0£019M/AM (R)Argentina
Lucas Varaldo£0£018ST (C)Argentina
Sebastián Zeballos£0£019ST (C)Argentina
Pablo Aranda£0£019D (C)Argentina
Lucas Besozzi£0£017ST (C)Argentina
Juan Cisterna£0£020AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Tomás Canteros£0£019GKArgentina
Alejo Tabares£0£019D (L)Argentina
Mateo Sanabria£0£016AM (L)Argentina
Bautista Silva£0£020AM (C)Argentina
Ramiro Pereyra£0£018D (L)Argentina
Gustavo Calderari£0£016GKArgentina
Julián Aude£0£017D/WB (L)Argentina
Mateo Tuset£0£017ST (C)Argentina
Juan Martín Ginzo£0£018D (R)Argentina
Enzo Silcan£0£020D (L)Argentina
Thomas Inda£0£017D (R)Argentina
Thiago Satti£0£015D (C)Argentina
Lucas Blanco£0£019AM (L)Argentina
José Manuel López£0£019AM (L)Argentina
Leandro Lucero£0£017AM (C)Argentina
Juan Vera£0£017M/AM (C)Argentina
Fabakary Badjie£0£018M/AM (R)The Gambia
Felipe Cobo£0£019GKColombia
Agustín Rodríguez£0£016M/AM (L)Argentina
Antonio Peralta£0£017AM (L)Argentina
Samuel Careaga£0£018AM (C)Argentina
Luciano Peraggini£0£017GKArgentina
Juan Pablo Rodríguez£0£017D (C)Argentina
Carlos Soler£0£020GKArgentina
Mauricio Cardillo£0£017M (C)Argentina
Ignacio Gauna£0£021D (C)Argentina
Elían Robles£0£019DMArgentina
Brian Aguilar£0£017D (C)Argentina
Lucio Castillo£0£018AM (R), ST (C)Argentina
Ian Díaz Burgois£0£018D (L)Argentina
Ivo Pohmajevic£0£017M/AM (L)Argentina
Lucas Villagra£0£017GKArgentina
Alphousseyni Dabo£0£019AM (R)Senegal
Maximiliano González£0£016DMArgentina

Who is Club Atlético Lanús's highest earner?

Lautaro Acosta has the highest salary at Club Atlético Lanús, earning £18,000 per week

What is Club Atlético Lanús's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Club Atlético Lanús total salary bill is £7,327,320 per year

What is Club Atlético Lanús's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Club Atlético Lanús total salary bill is £140,910 per week

What league do Club Atlético Lanús's play in?

Club Atlético Lanús play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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