Lanús 2023 - Player Wages

Lanús have a total of 86 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Lautaro Acosta earning £21,000 per week.

Lanús play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £7,177,560 per year
  • £138,030 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lautaro Acosta£21,000£1,092,00034AM RLArgentina
José Sand£16,000£832,00041STArgentina
Diego Braghieri£13,000£676,00035D CArgentina
Leonel Di Placido£9,000£468,00028D/WB/M RArgentina
Felipe Aguilar£8,300£431,60029D CColombia
Nicolás Pasquini£7,900£410,80031D/WB L, DM, M LArgentina
Braian Aguirre£6,500£338,00021D RL, M RArgentina
Fernando Monetti£5,300£275,60033GKArgentina
Tomás Belmonte£4,600£239,20024DMArgentina
Brian Blando£4,500£234,00027AM R, STArgentina
Yonathan Cabral£4,300£223,60030D CArgentina
Luciano Boggio£4,000£208,00023AM CUruguay
Pedro de la Vega£3,800£197,60021AM RLCArgentina
Raúl Loaiza£3,700£192,40028DMColombia
Franco Troyansky£3,300£171,60025AM L, STArgentina
Guillermo De Amores£3,200£166,40027GKUruguay
Facundo Pérez£2,300£119,60022M RCArgentina
Julián Aude£2,100£109,20019D/WB L, M CArgentina
Claudio Spinelli£1,400£72,80025STArgentina
Iván Cazal£1,100£57,20023AM RParaguay
Ignacio Cechi£1,100£57,20020AM CArgentina
Matías Pérez£900£46,80022D CArgentina
Matías Vera£900£46,80023D/WB RLArgentina
Juan Pablo Krilanovich£760£39,52020AM RLArgentina
Brian Aguilar£720£37,44019D CArgentina
Agustín Rodríguez£640£33,28018AM LCArgentina
Franco Orozco£630£32,76020AM L, STArgentina
Cameron Johnson£630£32,76018STCosta Rica
Lucas Varaldo£580£30,16020STArgentina
Alexis Segovia£580£30,16018STArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kevin Benítez£570£29,64020D CArgentina
Carlos Soler£540£28,08022GKArgentina
Luciano Peraggini£500£26,00019GKArgentina
Lucas Irusta£490£25,48019D CArgentina
Mateo Sanabria£480£24,96018AM LArgentina
Maximiliano González£460£23,92018DMArgentina
Franco Ortellado£460£23,92021D CArgentina
Patricio Albornoz£440£22,88022GKArgentina
Samuel Careaga£410£21,32020AM CArgentina
Julio César Soler£20£1,04017D/WB LArgentina
Gustavo Calderari£20£1,04018GKArgentina
Ousseynou Tall£20£1,04020STSenegal
Bruno Cabrera£20£1,04019AM RLArgentina
Mauricio Cardillo£20£1,04019M CArgentina
Fabricio Acosta£20£1,04018D/WB LArgentina
Lucas Muñoz£20£1,04017STArgentina
Juan Pablo Rodríguez£20£1,04019D CArgentina
Leandro Moreira£20£1,04020STArgentina
Ciro Domínguez£20£1,04020D RArgentina
Brian Rojas£20£1,04018D LArgentina
Máximo Heredia£20£1,04018D CArgentina
Jonathan Rodríguez£20£1,04020M RArgentina
Jeremías Chavero£20£1,04016STArgentina
Gianluca Scarvaci£20£1,04016DM, M RArgentina
Agustín Coali£20£1,04019D LArgentina
Ramiro Pereyra£20£1,04020D LArgentina
Joaquín Fernández£20£1,04018AM LArgentina
Matías Simone£20£1,04018M CArgentina
Lucio Castillo£20£1,04020AM R, STArgentina
Emiliano Gómez£20£1,04018AM RArgentina
Leandro Lucero£20£1,04019AM CArgentina
Dylan Aquino£20£1,04017STArgentina
Thiago Satti£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Luca Kmet£20£1,04016AM CArgentina
Alejandro Escudero£20£1,04018DMPeru
Luciano Romero£20£1,04016D CArgentina
Mariano Gerez£20£1,04016DMArgentina
Thiago Balbuena£20£1,04016AM L, STArgentina
Mirko Olavarría£20£1,04017D CArgentina
Valentín Gómez£20£1,04017M RCArgentina
Luciano Suárez£20£1,04018D CArgentina
Kevin Luque£20£1,04018AM RLArgentina
Brahian Guayquinao£20£1,04018DMArgentina
Alex Valdez Chamorro£20£1,04016STArgentina
Lautaro Acosta£20£1,04016D RArgentina
Alan Galeano£20£1,04018M RArgentina
Nicolás Claa£20£1,04017GKArgentina
Juan Ignacio Berasi£20£1,04017GKArgentina
Elías Brito£20£1,04016D RArgentina
Martín Corda£20£1,04016AM RCArgentina
Octavio Ontivero£20£1,04016D LArgentina
Santiago Heredia£20£1,04018D RArgentina
Ivo Pohmajevic£20£1,04019AM LArgentina
Alejandro Tévez£20£1,04017WB/AM LArgentina
Tomás Bais£20£1,04016GKArgentina
Tobías Quiroz£20£1,04016D CArgentina

Who is Lanús's highest earner?

Lautaro Acosta has the highest salary at Lanús, earning £21,000 per week

What is Lanús's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Lanús total salary bill is £7,177,560 per year

What is Lanús's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Lanús total salary bill is £138,030 per week

What league do Lanús's play in?

Lanús play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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