Salernitana 2020 - Player Wages

Salernitana have a total of 72 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Cristiano Lombardi earning £14,000 per week.

Salernitana play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £7,016,880 per year
  • £134,940 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Cristiano Lombardi£14,000£728,00023WB R, AM RLCItaly
Leonardo Capezzi£9,000£468,00024DMItaly
Andreas Karo£8,500£442,00022D RCCyprus
Francesco Di Tacchio£8,300£431,60029DMItaly
Milan Djuric£6,900£358,80029STBosnia & Herzegovina
Patryk Dziczek£6,800£353,60021D C, DM, AM CPoland
Alessio Cerci£6,500£338,00031AM RL, STItaly
Emmanuele Cicerelli£6,300£327,60024WB/AM RLItaly
Fabio Maistro£6,300£327,60021AM CItaly
Marco Migliorini£5,900£306,80027D RCItaly
Jean Claude Billong£5,100£265,20025D CFrance
Jean-Daniel Akpa Akpro£5,100£265,20026D/WB R, DMIvory Coast
Pawel Jaroszynski£4,800£249,60024D LC, M LPoland
Thomas Heurtaux£4,600£239,20030D CFrance
Niccolò Giannetti£3,900£202,80028AM L, STItaly
Cédric Gondo£3,400£176,80022STIvory Coast
Ramzi Aya£2,700£140,40028D CItaly
Sofian Kiyine£2,600£135,20021WB L, AM LCMorocco
Alessandro Micai£2,500£130,00025GKItaly
Alessandro Rosina£2,500£130,00035AM RLCItaly
Walter López£2,400£124,80033D/WB LUruguay
Felipe Curcio£2,300£119,60025D/WB/M LBrazil
Gianmarco Vannucchi£2,200£114,40023GKItaly
Lamin Jallow£2,000£104,00023AM RL, STThe Gambia
Stefano Russo£600£31,20030GKItaly
Francesco Milani£460£23,92019D/WB LItaly
Gianluca Mehrabi£450£23,40018AM RItaly
Gioacchino Galeotafiore£450£23,40019M CItaly
Valerio Mantovani£300£15,60023D CItaly
Giuliano Guadagnoli£220£11,44017STItaly
Alessandro Panarese£190£9,88016STItaly
Alessio Pizzo£190£9,88016AM CItaly
Andrea Imperiale£190£9,88016D CItaly
Andrea Vignes£190£9,88017DMItaly
Angelo Guida£190£9,88016STItaly
Antonio De Lucia£190£9,88016STItaly
Antonio Fois£190£9,88017AM R, STItaly
Antonio Fucci£190£9,88018D LCItaly
Antonio Manzo£190£9,88017D CItaly
Antonio Rolando£190£9,88016M CItaly
Antonio Salerno£190£9,88016STItaly
Antonio Visconti£190£9,88016M CItaly
Arturo Onda£190£9,88016D CItaly
Augusto Barone£190£9,88016GKItaly
Beniamino Accietto£190£9,88016STItaly
Carmine Iannone£190£9,88017AM LItaly
Cristian Volpe£190£9,88018M CItaly
Eduardo Esposito£190£9,88016M CItaly
Federico Capone£190£9,88016STItaly
Francesco Buonaiuto£190£9,88017M CItaly
Francesco Di Micco£190£9,88017D CItaly
Francesco Pezzo£190£9,88018DMItaly
Francesco Pio Fresa£190£9,88016M CItaly
Gaetano Gambardella£190£9,88017D LItaly
Giovanni Gargiulo£190£9,88016D C, AM/F CItaly
Giovanni Palmieri£190£9,88016STItaly
Giuseppe Cusati£190£9,88016D RItaly
Jacopo De Matteis£190£9,88016GKItaly
Lorenzo Cannavale£190£9,88017STItaly
Marco Guzzo£190£9,88017D RCItaly
Mario Perrone£190£9,88016D LItaly
Massimo Arena£190£9,88017STItaly
Matteo Darini£190£9,88016D CItaly
Ortensio Giliberti£190£9,88016D CItaly
Pier Luca Ramazzotti£190£9,88017M CItaly
Simone Bruschi£190£9,88016D CItaly
Simone Froncillo£190£9,88016DMItaly
Vincenzo Dommarco£190£9,88015M CItaly
Vincenzo Raiola£190£9,88018AM CItaly
Vincenzo Rea£190£9,88015M CItaly
Bruno Pio Giordano£130£6,76016STItaly
Mattia Mariani£130£6,76018GKItaly

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